Today, history is once again reversed. Erdogan is not Ataturk, but Putin is not frivolous Bolshevik.

After finding the money and rebels Turkey moved to the next phase of implementation of its doctrine – create an area under the control of armed opposition in Aleppo city center. She had to be declared free and the example of Benghazi request international assistance by air from the US coalition and the land of her closest kindred spirit in the country – Turkey. Everything was excellent. Armed squads terrain fought with the government army, the Turkish Air Force unbelief bombarded Kurds in Syria and Iraq, Turkey declared in wordsRead More

Erdogan is not Ataturk, but Putin is not frivolous Bolshevik

With a deliberate provocation to Ankara might be forgiven with the idea of ​​a new security zone, and Russia may refer the matter for a new Kurdish autonomy Erdogan is not Ataturk, but Putin is not frivolous Bolshevik Over the skies of Syria have already downloaded the first plane of aerospace forces (SCC) of Russia. Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davudoglu by Foreign Minister Sinirlioglu launched a consultation procedure with representatives of NATO. The Russian president called the incident “hit in the back” by “facilitators of the terrorists.” Foreign Minister LavrovRead More

Yesterday News – Today News : Iran passenger plane crash ‘kills 70’

09/01/2011 – 17:43 – An Iranian passenger plane with more than 100 people on board has crashed, killing at least 70 people, according to the state news agency Irna. Thirty-two people were injured, the agency said, quoting deputy head of the Iranian Red Crescent Heidar Heidari. The IranAir plane was flying from the capital Tehran when it came down near the north-western city of Orumiyeh – which was its final destination. Reports said it crashed in bad weather, and snow was hampering rescue efforts. “At least 70 people have beenRead More

Yesterday News – Today News : Istanbul suicide blast injures 22, including 10 police

31/10/2010 – 12:47 – ( 5 years later, news looks like the same … ) A suicide bomb blast in the centre of Istanbul has injured 22 people, including 10 policemen. Police say the bomber tried to board a police bus in Taksim Square. Twelve civilians were also hurt. Police identified other bombs nearby and have been working to disable them. Television pictures from Taksim Square showed body parts lying on the ground. A large explosion was heard throughout central Istanbul just after 0900 GMT. Past attacks The explosion tookRead More

Yesterday News – Today News : Syria’s Assad says military operations ‘stopped’

18/08/2011 – 08:24 ( 4 years later everything looks like the same … ) Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has told UN chief Ban Ki-moon that military operations against protesters have “stopped”, a UN spokesman said. He was responding to a demand from Mr Ban during a phone call that “all military operations and mass arrests must cease immediately,” the UN’s Farhan Haq said in a statement. Mr Assad is under international pressure to end his violent crackdown. Activists say more than 20 people were killed on Wednesday alone. Nearly 2,000Read More