Erdogan is not Ataturk, but Putin is not frivolous Bolshevik


With a deliberate provocation to Ankara might be forgiven with the idea of ​​a new security zone, and Russia may refer the matter for a new Kurdish autonomy

Erdogan is not Ataturk, but Putin is not frivolous Bolshevik

Over the skies of Syria have already downloaded the first plane of aerospace forces (SCC) of Russia. Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davudoglu by Foreign Minister Sinirlioglu launched a consultation procedure with representatives of NATO.

The Russian president called the incident “hit in the back” by “facilitators of the terrorists.” Foreign Minister Lavrov canceled his official visit to Ankara scheduled for November 25. It sounds like the beginning of something scary, right?

But war will be. Such things have happened often enough and worldwide already worked some kind of implicit regulatory procedure similar incidents. Since the beginning of the civil war in Syria, Turkey itself suffer losses of its aircraft downloaded from the Syrian air defense and not serve as a reason for conflict or large-scale land invasion of the Levant.

Taking a completely conscious decision to overthrow the Russian aircraft was prompted by several reasons. First, it is a concern of the Turkish authorities of the presence of Russia in Syria and the development of air operations there. In the last week of the SCC air group doubled in size and therefore strikes against insurgents doubled. Second is the impasse into which is placed Turkey itself in this new phase of the conflict.

To understand what Turkey lost by the intervention of Russia, we must go back to the very beginning of the crisis in Syria. At the heart of the uprising against President Bashar Assad were Sunnis from Homs, united around the organization “Muslim Brothers”. Uprisings in the city conducted by the same group, there were more time-Assad’s father, but then in Turkey were other people in power.

In Ankara, Erdogan managed a decade with his Justice and Development Party, and it is the political wing of the Turkish “Muslim brothers”. In the instability of its neighbor Turkey government saw an opportunity to realize neoosmanistkata theory Davudoglu. For its implementation were needed money, mercenaries and military units in place. Money is found monarchies of the Gulf, mainly from the Emir of Qatar – Al-Thani. Military groups also were created. Local Sunni defectors from the Syrian Arab Army and the structures of the “Muslim Brotherhood” in Syria created a Free Syrian Army. Until its collapse this year there came many organizations to which Turkey actively dividends.

The founder of the SAA and its first commander Regiment. Hussein Harmush was abducted by the Syrian secret services in the territory of Turkey, where he was hiding. Its subsequent and current officials – gene. Salim Idris Regiment. Riyadh al-Assad and is currently located in Turkey. Ankara has actively supported and “joint” with Qatar project “Dzhabhad-an-Nusra” that filled with mercenaries from organizations of “Muslim Brotherhood” in Libya, Egypt, Jordan, Morocco. Turkey create and own insurgents based Turkmen minority in Syria – “Dzhaesh al-Fatah” and “Sultan Abdulhamid Han” operating in the northern mountainous regions of Syria, Idlib province and Hatay. Precisely in those places where it was shot down Russian aircraft. Their recruits came from the Caucasus – Chechens, Georgians Dugestanian but also by Turks from Central Asia and Western China (Uighurs).

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