Today, history is once again reversed. Erdogan is not Ataturk, but Putin is not frivolous Bolshevik.


After finding the money and rebels Turkey moved to the next phase of implementation of its doctrine – create an area under the control of armed opposition in Aleppo city center. She had to be declared free and the example of Benghazi request international assistance by air from the US coalition and the land of her closest kindred spirit in the country – Turkey.

Everything was excellent. Armed squads terrain fought with the government army, the Turkish Air Force unbelief bombarded Kurds in Syria and Iraq, Turkey declared in words that fought with ID, while buying the cheap oil of jihadists. Profit was so great that one of his sons led Erdogan to establish its own oil company. Well, it is still legal business, some would say, but after the photos were published in mass of Bilal Erdogan with two commanders ID in the city. Mosul, all questions and answers dropped.

Two months ago, Turkey proposed to establish a zone to a depth of 90 kilometers inside Syria (Aleppo reaching, of course) to be a no-fly aviation Damascus and delivered to the armed opposition. Davudoglu presented the idea of ​​the EU in the midst of the refugee wave from Brussels tacitly agreed. Led by the book of Turkey “hybrid war” enters its final phase. And just at that moment a bright and cloudless future was marred by the roar of departing planes of afterburning of Russian combat aircraft of Latakia. They clanked bombs, cruise missiles fly over Turkey from the Caspian Sea, moreover, without being detected by tkurskata MLP, then include strategic aviation.

Area fly zone over Syria and the isolation of the area of ​​hostilities was indeed imposed, but this time by the Russian Air Force. The beautiful world of dreams dissolved into panic actions for the preservation and survival of at least part of the investment and mainly Turkmen armed troops.

In the first weeks Turkey with Qatar and Saudi Arabia issued a joint statement against the interference of Russia in the conflict. They followed verbal notes handed to the Ambassador of the Russian Federation in Ankara. Followed and open threats by Davudoglu and Erdogan in literally a few days ago. You should know that the massive bombardment of the Russian Air Force over Turkmen opposition are for one simple reason – there are, and most of the mercenaries from the Caucasus.

Apparently the Turkish authorities did their frayed nerves and decided just to intimidate Russia. This intimidation, however, will have consequences. It can confidently assert that the idea of ​​a new security zone with the participation of Turkey in Syria will not be tolerated by Russia.

Also this intemperate provocation will put back on the table the creation of another autonomous Kurdish region, but this time in Syria, and eventually the creation of a future Kurdish state. And on intimidation …

The story says a lot. Just as a result of its aggressive policy towards Russia, the Ottoman Empire lost the Crimea, the Balkans, the Caucasus and finally leads to the disintegration of the empire and its sharing between the great powers. France is today Lebanon and Syria, Iraq and Britain take Saudis, and according to the agreement unless Russia gets contract Bosporus and Dardanelles and territories (attention!) Populated by Kurds. For Russia, the story turns and the Bolsheviks abandoned this point of the contract. Republican came to power Mustafa Kemal, who concludes a strategic alliance with the Kremlin, already without Ottoman claims.

Today, history is once again reversed. Erdogan is not Ataturk, but Putin is not frivolous Bolshevik.

* The author is a former diplomat


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