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The magazines of Ekonomist Media Group – Ekonomist, Bankar, Preduzeće and Moja posla, are distributed to readers through a wide-reaching distribution and subscription networks, with more than 4,500 subscribers in Serbia and the region – Montenegro, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, as well as in countries of the European Union and other relevant economic destinations worldwide.

EMG magazines are read by all members of the Serbian Government, leading figures in local and regional governments, directors and executives in the banking and corporate sector in Serbia and the region, as well as owners and managers of small and medium-sized companies.

EMG publications are essential an reference to the offices and branches of all foreign companies in the Serbian market, as well as economic experts and NGOs in Serbia and the region.

Subscription is the is best and least expensive way to supply yourself with our editions. Aside from attractive prices that include postage and shipping, subscription provides additional opportunities, such as discounts in advertising and registration for events organized by the Ekonomist Media Group.

Aside from having 50 issues of Ekonomist Magazine delivered to their postal address ever year, subscribers also get a bonus in the form of EMG’s special annual editions: TOP 300 (rankings for the most successful companies in Serbia), BANKS & INSURERS, AUDITING AND BROKERAGE FIRMS, LEASING COMPANIES (rankings for the financial sector) and TOP 300 EXPORTERS (rankings for the top Serbian exporters), as well as all regular monthly supplements and publications that that accompany the regular Ekonomist Magazine issue, addressing current business trends with analyses provided by leading economic experts.

The business community, major corporations and successful enterprises have already recognized the value of EMG editions as an essential tool in their daily business and communication with clients. In the year that follows we plan to present more opportunities and novelties to the benefit of our subscribers and prospective clients. Stick with us, save time and get more value for your money.


EMG Subscription


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