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250,000 tons of sugar from this year's campaign

09. September 2010. | 12:58

Source: Emg.rs

“Sunoko“, the largest local sugar producer and exporter, has today officially launched this year’s campaign of sugar beet processing by initiating the work of a lime furnace in "Bačka" sugar plant in Vrbas.

“Sunoko“, the largest local sugar producer and exporter, has today officially launched this year’s campaign of sugar beet processing by initiating the work of a lime furnace in "Bačka" sugar plant in Vrbas.

A record-high volume of 250,000 tons of sugar will be produced during the campaign, and the total of 1,900,000 tons of sugar beet from nearly 35,000 hectares will be processed.

The campaign will last 120 days and, in addition to the sugar plant employees, 400 lorries, 500 suppliers and all related industries in the sugar production process will be engaged in the production.

During this year year’s overhaul of its plants, "Sunoko" has invested more than EUR10 million into the management system automation, processing capacities expansion, and energy efficiency increase, i.e. saving of all forms of energy.

"Donji Srem" sugar plant from Pećinci now has the highest capacity for sugar beet processing and is one of the most state-of-the-art plants in its sector in the region, with the daily capacity of 8,000 tons of sugar beet. This plant only will process one-fifth of the sugar beet harvested in Serbia.

Agribusiness experts from "Sunoko" have underlined that this year’s sugar beet harvest is good, with an average yield of around 54 tons per hectare, and that results in sugar beet production have constantly been improving. In this year’s campaign, sugar beet will be processed in the following three "Sunoko" sugar plants: in Vrbas, Pećinci and Kovačica.

- So far, these three sugar plants combined have produced 115,000 tons of sugar annually on average. 2009 was the record year for Sunoko in regard to the volume of produced sugar – the total of 191,000 tons of sugar was produced. After the production capacities expansion, we expect 250,000 tons to be produced in 2010 – underlined Dušan Stojanović, Executive Director in Sunoko.

Sugar is one of the most important strategic products, with the highest export potential. Sunoko exports nearly two-thirds of the total sugar output: 80,000 tons to the EU countries (expected import is 90,000 tons this year), 50,000 tons to the CEFTA countries, while around 100,000 tons of sugar are consumed in the local industry and households.


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