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Crans Montana Forum: How can we build a better world?

24. June 2011. | 10:39 11:42

Source: Emg.rs

City: Brussels

Author: Nikos D. A. Arvanites

In 2011, the Crans Montana Forum will celebrate its 22nd anniversary being dedicated to “Can We Build a Better World ?”.More than 600 Participants from 100 countries and Organizations will gather in Brussels on the occasion of the forthcoming and 22nd Crans Montana Forum

In 2011, the Crans Montana Forum will celebrate its 22nd anniversary being dedicated to “Can We Build a Better World ?. More than 600 Participants from 100 countries and Organizations will gather in Brussels on the occasion of the forthcoming and 22nd Crans Montana Forum

As the World was trying to get out of an historical Economic and Financial crisis, the South Mediterranean blazes up ! The today’s global challenges that Governments and Companies have to face appear suddenly very relative when so many countries of the South could shift to instability.

Definitely, the Crisis cannot be considered as being over. In any case one has to take advantage of the past and current disasters to shape a better World including a better Business and Social Environment.

Will Governments have the will and the means of addressing such challenges ? Will the international Private sector adapt its Business development policies in order to establish a safer, fairer and stronger Economy ? How will the European Union address the challenges linked to a definitively emerging Africa, a very changing Arab World and an increased role of South America and the Arab Finance ?

The Organizers of the Switzerland- based “Crans Montana Forum” have decided to honour Dr Mohamed Ibn Chambas with le Prix de la Fondation-the Foundation Prize of the Forum during the Group’s Meeting in Brussels from 22-25 June 2011.

During the award ceremony scheduled to take place on Friday 25 June 2011 in Brussels, Dr Chambas would be receiving the Foundation Prize personally from the Founder and President of the Crans Montana Forum, Ambassador Jean Paul Carteron. He would be honored alongside Philippe Maystadt, the President of the European Investment Bank, Mr Adrian Nastase a former Prime Minister of Romania and posthumously, the late Ambassador Richard Holbrooke of the US. The ACP Secretary General’s name would be added to a list which include names such as those US President Barack Obama, Mrs. Angel Merkel of Germany, Former President Abdou Diouf of Senegal,

Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev and First Lady Mehriban Aliyeva will be honorary guests at the annual Crans Montana Forum to be held in Brussels on June 22-25, according to the Forum’s website.

President Aliyev will be conferred with Prix De La Fondation 2011 award, while the First Lady will receive the Forum's Gold Medal.

On the occasion of the June 2011 Crans Montana Forum, H.R.H Prince Turki Al Faisal Al Saud, Chairman of the King Faisal Center for Islamic Studies and Research will address the Forum on the wind of change which started in June 2011.Commissioner Günther Oettinger at the Crans Montana Forum June 15, 2011:

Energy is really the major today's concern for Europe and the rest of the World. European Commissioner Günther Oettinger will attend the official opening session of the 22nd annual Crans Montana Forum to welcome Mr. Ilham Aliyev, President of Azerbaijan, and his delegation.Algiers – General assembly of the Civil Society's stakeholders

On the occasion of the 22nd yearly session of the Crans Montana Forum, an extraordinary meeting of Ministers of Finance and Governors of Central Banks will be organized on June 24, 2011 in Brussels.

The Forum, which is named after the city of its birth- Crans Montana in Switzerland, brings together eminent personalities on the same scale as the Davos World Economic Forum to discuss issues of common concern to humanity.

The Crans Montana Forum was created with the support and the involvement of Swiss Authorities whose importance and prestige are well-established. It is formally recognized; notably for its commitment to contribute to the construction of a more humane world through global dialogue. It works for the promotion of international cooperation and contributes to global growth which ensures prosperity, justice, equity and security for all.

Each year, since 1989, the Forum confers the award on personalities who have distinguished themselves in various fields of human endeavor geared towards ensuring greater world peace, freedom and democracy so as to make life better for humanity. The organization extends its recognition to both living and past personalities.


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