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Djelic denies any ownership connection to the "Ekonom:east Media Group" Dinar strengthens against euro,rate at RSD 115.65 EC: New crisis management measures to avoid future bank bail-outs Romania: Gov't decides to cut expenditures on protocol events, foreign visits in public institutions FYRMacedonia: January-April external trade volume US$3,3 billion: statistics US embassy hosts first-ever anti-piracy seminar at Posidonia exhibition Turkish tourists to receive visas at ports of Rhodes, Kos Preparedness exercise on Wed. by military's rapid deployment forces Tsipras briefs G20 ambassador's on SYRIZA's platforms on economy and foreign policy Sorensen:BiH to get candidacy status early in 2014 Hungary and Ukraine at forefront of democratic decline in Central and Eastern Europe Jahjaga rules out division of Kosovo or territory swap Josipovic won't attend new Serbian president's inaugural ceremony Historical archive Sarajevo makes cooperation with historical archives from Belgrade and Ljubljana officials Toner: Srebrenica genocide cannot be denied KCUS: Three patients operated with use of modern system for neuronavigation Money, Politics, Power: Corruption Risks in Europe Bulgaria awarded 5 first-class investor certificates since January 2012 NYTimes: Greece may go completely broke as soon as July According to Turkish school aids part of Bulgaria is Turkish territory Bulgaria to issue bonds worth up to EUR 950 mln. PM Berisha receives Kosova Minister of Labor and Social Welfare Nenad Rasic PM Berisha welcomes participants in International Conference on Foreign Investments in Albania Improvement of transport infrastructure important for region’s development Increasing number of protected areas in Serbia by European standards No new requirements for Serbia's EU membership EULEX flyers inform drivers on reregistration Spokesman: Fuele to attend Nikolic's inauguration UN ahead of decision - Jeremic or Cekuolis Military healthcare pillar of Angola-Serbia ties Tadic: We are close to formation of majority FH:Positive changes, but same ranking for Serbia Vujanovic to attend Nikolic's inauguration Nielsen: I hope that was just Nikolic's gaffe Analysts: More harm than good from higher VAT Economy's competitiveness poses main problem Serbia's balance of payments increased by 46.1%

World Bank continues support to Serbia

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In the first two years, Serbia will have at its disposal USD 340 million from the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD), while the International Finance Corporation (IFC) plans to invest between USD 600 and 800 million in the private sector over the next

EBRD launches a venture capital programme for technology companies

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The programme is a long-term commitment to technology financing in the EBRD region – including the future region of southern and eastern Mediterranean - with the Bank setting up a €100m capital pool, dedicated team, advisory committee including outside experts and

Presentation of project "All about BiH"

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Exploring Bosnia and Herzegovina, World Wide Search and beer- hall ““Stefanijino setaliste” in Mostar organize presentation of the project entitled “ All about BiH” , which will be held on Friday , December 16 at 20:00 hrs in the beer- hall.

7th Forum of Hotel and Hotel Households Managers completed

CEO of MK Mountain Resort Manager of the Year in Hotel Business

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The Manager of the Year Award 2010/2011 in the “Hotel Industry Leaders” category has been rewarded to CEO of MK Mountain Resort Nikola Avram.The award has traditionally been rewarded upon the completion of the 7th Forum of Hotel and Hotel Households Managers.

World Bank Report sees food processing, automobile and metal manufacturing as opportunities for Serbian export growth

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The report looks at opportunities to boost Serbian exports, with a focus on industry and agriculture. It also identifies a number of impediments to increasing Serbian competitiveness in world markets, in particular in the business environment, education, energy, land use, and

Cooperation between Eurobank EFG and MoneyGram

Fast, simple and economical money transfer in Eurobank branches

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 Eurobank EFG has launched cooperation with a leader in the area of international money transfers, MoneyGram, which will enable citizens to receive money quickly, efficiently and reliably at affordable prices.

Skopje Fair hosts FINEXPO 2011

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Vice-Premier and Finance Minister Zoran Stavreski formally opened Tuesday the Fair of Finance and Business Opportunities - FINEXPO 2011, which brings together larger commercial banks, Public Revenue Office, insurance, investment and software companies.

Debating on Europe and its currency

What's best for Greece after all?

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Economist Conferences and Hazlis & Rivas announce the organisation of a timely debate, entitled “Debating on Europe and its currency: what’s best for Greece after all?” scheduled to take place on December 12th 2011 at the Athens Ledra Marriott Hotel under

The President of the Republic of Slovenia confers The Golden Order for Services on the IEDC

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The President of the Republic of Slovenia Dr. Danilo Türk has conferred The Golden Order for Services on the IEDC-Bled School of Management, for its pioneering work in the field of business education in Slovenia and CEE and for its contribution to putting forward high business

Science festivals opens in Belgrade

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The 5th Science Festival opened in Belgrade on Friday and it will be held at four locations, allowing visitors to view scientific works and experiments by 300 young scientists from 31 science institutions from Serbia and abroad.

10th international entrepreneurship fair “Business base” opens in Belgrade

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In Serbia, 99% of the companies fall within that sector and include two thirds of the total number of employees in Serbia. The Serbian government will continue with the policy of the development of that sector, through enactments, benefits and other measures.

Istanbul hosts Global Entrepreneurship Summit

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The summit under the theme "Entrepreneurship, Values and Development: A Global Agenda" will be hosted by Turkey in Istanbul on 3-6 December 2011 under the auspices Mr. Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, the Prime Minister of the Republic of Turkey, and under the coordination of

Macedonian and Slovenian business people meet at IEDC

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Over 40 business people from Macedonia and Slovenia attended a „business meeting and networking event“, organized by the Slovenian-Macedonian Business Club and the IEDC-Bled School of Management.

13 Serbian companies at Anuga contract sales worldwide

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The USAID Agribusiness Project, in cooperation with the Serbian Chamber of Commerce, supported the participation of Serbian companies at this bi-annual event. Since 2002 USAID has invested more than $662.5 million to stimulate economic growth, strengthen the justice system,

EBRD Transition Report 2011

Crisis and Transition: The People’s Perspective

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Using in-depth analysis, the Transition Report 2011 sets out to explain the many observations in Life in Transition: After the Crisis (2011) based on the unique Life in Transition Survey of more than 39,000 individuals and households across the EBRD transition region, in 34

Ethnic food industry fair to be held in Belgrade

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The aim of the fair is to present traditional Serbian products to potential customers, as well as to promote national specialties and protect the products' names, recipes and geographical origins for the reason of establishing ethnic brands.

Searching for New Generation of “Coca-Cola Talents“

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Coca-Cola Hellenic Serbia is selecting the sixth generation of ambitious and high potential students, who will receive professional and financial support of EUR2,000 each in the next two years. The contest lasts from November 07 until December 07, 2011.

Top 100 Romanian Companies

OMV Petrom named most profitable 2010 privately-owned company of Romania

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OMV was rewarded for its 2010 business, which turnover stood at more than 3.314 billion euros and which reported a profit of 526.293 million euros, which gave a return on investment rate of 15.888 percent.

Olli Rehn , Vice-President of the European Commission and member of the Commission responsible for Economic and Monetary Affairs and the Euro

On the way to a new stability culture in Europe

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It is worrying that the recovery in Europe has come to a standstill, with euro-area growth only at ½ % next year. Despite determined efforts, some countries still have very high debt levels. They must, no doubt, continue on a strict course of fiscal consolidation, especially

Greek Ambassador to Serbia Dimosthenis Stoidis

"No change in policy towards Serbia"

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Greek Ambassador to Serbia Dimosthenis Stoidis has stated that the new Greek government will maintain the principled stance towards Serbia, based on respect for the international law. Greece has donated around EUR 35 million to various bilateral projects. Assistance, which may

Evripidis Stylianidis at the Club-27 Conference in Berlin

“Europe’s role in the international economic crisis”

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The Club-27 initiative took place in Berlin and was chaired by the German Chancellor Angela Merkel. The Club-27, which was instigated by the French President Nichola Sarkozy this time met in Berlin with the topic: “Europe’s role in the international economic crisis”.

The first CEE research on “Hidden Champions” identifies 165 successful companies from 18 countries

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Over 130 business leaders, business thinkers, investors, deans of business schools, researchers, policy makers and media from 31 countries spoke about Hidden Champions as core pillars of open economies

Launch of the Agribusiness Training Program for Women in Novi Pazar

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The USAID Agribusiness Project and the Office for Sustainable Development of Underdeveloped Areas will hold an entrepreneurship training program for women in Novi Pazar, Sjenica and Tutin. The training sessions are part of the Women in Agribusiness program. Since 2002 USAID

13th International Summit on Transnational Crime - Special High Level Meeting

Day to Day Monitoring: Incident Response and Handling Crisis Situations

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This Session aims at providing high level Government Officials, Advisers and top Business decision-makers with excellent information, guidance and coaching through a high level transfer of knowledge and numerous opportunities of sharing experience.

CMF Homeland & Global Security Forum

13th Summit on Transnational Crime to be held in Geneva

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More than 300 Participants representing over 100 countries and Organisations will be gathering in Geneva on the occasion of the 13th International Summit on Transnational Crime !

EMG.rs in Geneva

Security at Sea : Special Programme on the occasion of 2011 Summit on Transnational Crime in Geneva

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A Special Programme dedicated to Maritime Security will take place November 18-19 in the framework of the forthcoming Summit in Geneva, with the participation of the most renowned Experts representing the world's leading Security companies, including EADS and its subsidiary

CEEMAN reveals hidden Champions from Central and Eastern Europe

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International conference “Hidden Champions in CEE and Dynamically Changing Environments” in Vienna on 17-18 November 2011 – Seven Serbian companies involved in the research on Hidden Champions

Top banker as new Greek PM

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Loukas Papadimos the New Greek PM as the ancient Vice president of the ECB was part of the European Finance Nomeclatura that represented the ultra liberal conception of Germany. He speaks well the jargon of the Creditors but the eurozone crisis needs to be addressed by strong

Meeting between SMEs, multinational companies on 15 November

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“A Meeting with Buyers” is realised by the EU through the Support to Enterprise Competitiveness and Export Promotion (SECEP) project, in cooperation with the Ministry of Economy and Regional Development and in partnership with the SIEPA agency, the Serbian Chamber

Telenor presents financial results for Q3 2011

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Telenor Serbia recorded revenues of RSD 10.247 billion in the third quarter of this year, or nearly 11% more than in the same period in 2010.


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