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“Culture Road – Danubian Fortresses” exhibition in Thessaloniki

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The Ministry of Culture, Media and Information Society today stated that visitors of the 76th Thessaloniki International Fair will have an opportunity to see “Culture Road – Danubian Fortresses” exhibition from 10 to 18 September.

Cepe Days at Mt. Kopaonik

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Nature and mountain lovers will have an opportunity to visit the 2nd “Cepe Days” at Mt. Kopaonik, on September 09-11, organised by MK Mountain Resort, Kopaonik National Park and “Raška“ Tourist and Sports Organisation.

Olli Rehn, European Commissioner for Economic and Monetary Affairs

Overcoming the Economic Crisis in Greece and Europe

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I request today that all interested parties cooperate with the Task Force, and with Greece. The time for real action on the technical assistance front to help Greece is right now. And I say to my Greek counterparts, and friends, that this is a unique opportunity to work together

Evripidis Stylianidis, Secretary of Governmental Program of N.D. Party

Exclusive Economic Zone: The Blue Line of the Greek Foreign Policy

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In conclusion the question is how and when Greece will decide to make effective use of the “new tools” that International Law provides against a Turkey that constantly creates new issues, with the purpose of preventing the application of International Maritime Law

Greece, Israel reaffirm strategic alliance, sign cooperation agreement

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Greek Defense Minister Panos Beglitis met with his Israeli counterpart Ehud Barak in Jerusalem and signed a cooperation pact in the security sector between the two countries, defense officials said on Monday. Greek MoD Beglitis once again addressed a strict message to Turkey,

"The Best Promoter of Macedonia" award contest begins

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The registration of "The Best Promoter of Macedonia" award contest begins on Sept. 14 and will last until Nov. 14, 2011. The contest has three stages: nomination of candidates, public voting/lobbying and final election of the winner by the jury.

Declaration adopted for reconciliation of peoples in Southeastern Europe

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The participants of the ninth UNESCO meeting of the heads of state of southeastern Europe, Contemporary Art and Reconciliation in Southeast Europe, adopted Friday a joint declaration stating that they are committed to continue the reconciliation process in the region of southeastern

Montenegro to host milestone international conference on rights of sexual minorities

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Senior state officials, members of the diplomatic corps, prominent international experts, scholars and human rights advocates from throughout Europe, the United States and Canada will meet in Danilovgrad, Montenegro from 2-5 September for the international conference on the

Around 1,700 cultural facilities in region damaged during wars

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At least 1,700 cultural and religious facilities, some of which are on the UNESCO world heritage list, were damaged or destroyed during the wars in the former Yugoslavia, NATO bombing and riots in Kosovo 2004, according to incomplete data.During 78 days of NATO bombing in Serbia

"Macedonia Loves You”

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The project "Macedonia Loves You" began in 2007 and promotes the beauty of Macedonia, friendship and understanding among the people since then. In 2010 the project "Macedonia Loves You" started other project "The Best Promoter of Macedonia" which

HOLCIM winner of August 8th award

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The company rewarded for respecting employee rights and standards achieved in the area of safety at work in the construction industry in Serbia, as explained during a visit to the plant

Further growth of TIGAR A.D.’s business activities

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In the first half of 2011, Tigar continued with a positive trend of business operations. Business revenues increased by 14% year-on-year, while consolidated total revenues reached RSD2.5 billion, or by one-fifth more than in 2010.

Boost of Ericsson's global ICT capabilities in India

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To meet the evolving needs of operators for support and operations IT services, Ericsson, is investing further in competence in its Global Service Center (GSC) in India.

HP extends converged storage leadership with new storage federation technology

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HP  expanded its Converged Storage portfolio with HP Peer Motion, new federated storage software which enables clients to transparently move application workloads between disk systems in virtualized and cloud computing environments.

MK Group d.o.o.: Company that marked the decade

Miodrag Kostic: “99% of success is to work, and 1% talent”

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Among the globally renowned and respected organizations, one could find MK Group, a Serbian firm, which turns into gold everything it touches. EMG.rs presents the qualities one needs to obtain, in order to build, a holding, active in several, completely different, industries, consisting

The New Face of Regional Business: Istanbul-Belgrade 2011

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Working to strengthen influence in Southeast Europe's business environment, The Building Powerful Influence Project is producing Part II of its 2011 conference series 'The New Face of Regional Business' on November 28, 2011 in Belgrade, Serbia and on November 30, 2011 in Istanbul,

Financial results for first quarter of 2011

Telenor in Serbia achieved the second highest growth after Bangladesh

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The number of subscriptions of Telenor in Serbia, which operates within the Norwegian Telenor Group, rose by 52,000 to 3.059.000. Telenor’s subscriber market share in Serbia is now over 35%.

OMV Report January – June and Q2 2011

Political turmoil in North Africa and Middle East adversely impacts results

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The Austrian energy group said results were pulled 44 per cent higher as compared to the same period last year, thanks to favourable Brent price in June 2011. But ongoing conflict in Libya and Yemen impacted lower production levels and refining margins.

MK Mountain Resort: Results above expectations

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A new company, MK Mountain Resort, specialised in mountain tourism, was established for managing the largest tourist complex in Mt. Kopaonik, within the MK Group business system. MK Mountain Resort comprises the Grand Hotel & SPA ****, new Family Hotel Angella ****, Apartments

51st Dragacevo Assembly ends

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The announcement of the winners of the international brass orchestra competition and a Goran Bregovic concert late Sunday marked the end of the 51st Dragacevo Assembly in the town of Guca (central Serbia).

Around 40 bands to perform at Nishville

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The Nisville International Jazz Festival will host around 40 bands from over 15 countries from August 10 to 15, the organizers announced at a news conference in Belgrade on Friday.

New owners for KBC Securities in Serbia and Romania

KBC Securities continues to focus on Central and Eastern European market

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KBC Securities has recently completed the divestments of its operations in Serbia and Romania, reaching an agreement on management buy-outs with local management. The impact of the transactions on KBC's earnings and capital is negligible given the size of the activities.

Special promo offer of Eurobank EFG

No disbursement fee for all types of loans during summer

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Eurobank EFG has prepared a special promo offer for its clients during the summer period – an option of taking all types of loans with no disbursement fee. This benefit refers to cash, consumer, refinancing, car, mortgage and loans for small business and entrepreneurs,

€68 million loan to Beohemija to finance its regional expansion

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The EBRD is increasing its support for the corporate sector in Serbia, with financing for the household and beauty products group Beohemija that will increase production at the company and widen its export market in south Eastern Europe.

New Energy law in Serbia opens the Energy Market in 2012

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National Assembly of Serbia adopted the new Energy Law, which should liberalize all parts of energy market in Serbia. With new law on energy, another harmonizatio step was accomplished in Serbia path to EU membership.

EBRD supports power sector efficiency in Serbia

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The EBRD is helping Serbia take a further step towards cleaner energy production by co-financing a modernisation programme at the country’s largest electricity generating company.

OMV successfully closes acquisition of Petronas Carigali

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Purchase of the entire share capital of Petronas Carigali (Pakistan) Ltd, which is Petronas’ Exploration and Production (E&P) operating entity in Pakistan: The transaction was successfully completed as of July 11, 2011

FGD projects on power plant TENT Obrenovac

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By end of 2011 the public invitation ( tender) for FGD project on power plant TENT Obrenovac, with total value of 248 million Euro, could be completed, contracts signed, technology chosen with selected work implementing company, stated Mr. Petar Knezevic General Manager of TENT

Balkans instrumental festival to open in Grljan near Zajecar

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Residents of the village of Grljan near Zajecar will host 28th international festival of the Balkans instrumental music, which will gather around 300 fife, bagpipe, elderwood flute, shepherd's reed flute players, ocarinists and players on other ethnic instruments from Serbia,

Blueberry Days at Mt. Kopaonik

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Nature and mountain lovers will have an opportunity to visit the “Blueberry Days” event at Mt. Kopaonik on July 28-30, organised for the second consecutive year by MK Mountain Resort, Kopaonik National Park, “Raška“ Tourism and Sports Organisation and


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