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Djelic denies any ownership connection to the "Ekonom:east Media Group" Dinar strengthens against euro,rate at RSD 115.65 EC: New crisis management measures to avoid future bank bail-outs Romania: Gov't decides to cut expenditures on protocol events, foreign visits in public institutions FYRMacedonia: January-April external trade volume US$3,3 billion: statistics US embassy hosts first-ever anti-piracy seminar at Posidonia exhibition Turkish tourists to receive visas at ports of Rhodes, Kos Preparedness exercise on Wed. by military's rapid deployment forces Tsipras briefs G20 ambassador's on SYRIZA's platforms on economy and foreign policy Sorensen:BiH to get candidacy status early in 2014 Hungary and Ukraine at forefront of democratic decline in Central and Eastern Europe Jahjaga rules out division of Kosovo or territory swap Josipovic won't attend new Serbian president's inaugural ceremony Historical archive Sarajevo makes cooperation with historical archives from Belgrade and Ljubljana officials Toner: Srebrenica genocide cannot be denied KCUS: Three patients operated with use of modern system for neuronavigation Money, Politics, Power: Corruption Risks in Europe Bulgaria awarded 5 first-class investor certificates since January 2012 NYTimes: Greece may go completely broke as soon as July According to Turkish school aids part of Bulgaria is Turkish territory Bulgaria to issue bonds worth up to EUR 950 mln. PM Berisha receives Kosova Minister of Labor and Social Welfare Nenad Rasic PM Berisha welcomes participants in International Conference on Foreign Investments in Albania Improvement of transport infrastructure important for region’s development Increasing number of protected areas in Serbia by European standards No new requirements for Serbia's EU membership EULEX flyers inform drivers on reregistration Spokesman: Fuele to attend Nikolic's inauguration UN ahead of decision - Jeremic or Cekuolis Military healthcare pillar of Angola-Serbia ties Tadic: We are close to formation of majority FH:Positive changes, but same ranking for Serbia Vujanovic to attend Nikolic's inauguration Nielsen: I hope that was just Nikolic's gaffe Analysts: More harm than good from higher VAT Economy's competitiveness poses main problem Serbia's balance of payments increased by 46.1%

€68 million loan to Beohemija to finance its regional expansion

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The EBRD is increasing its support for the corporate sector in Serbia, with financing for the household and beauty products group Beohemija that will increase production at the company and widen its export market in south Eastern Europe.

New Energy law in Serbia opens the Energy Market in 2012

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National Assembly of Serbia adopted the new Energy Law, which should liberalize all parts of energy market in Serbia. With new law on energy, another harmonizatio step was accomplished in Serbia path to EU membership.

EBRD supports power sector efficiency in Serbia

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The EBRD is helping Serbia take a further step towards cleaner energy production by co-financing a modernisation programme at the country’s largest electricity generating company.

OMV successfully closes acquisition of Petronas Carigali

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Purchase of the entire share capital of Petronas Carigali (Pakistan) Ltd, which is Petronas’ Exploration and Production (E&P) operating entity in Pakistan: The transaction was successfully completed as of July 11, 2011

FGD projects on power plant TENT Obrenovac

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By end of 2011 the public invitation ( tender) for FGD project on power plant TENT Obrenovac, with total value of 248 million Euro, could be completed, contracts signed, technology chosen with selected work implementing company, stated Mr. Petar Knezevic General Manager of TENT

Balkans instrumental festival to open in Grljan near Zajecar

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Residents of the village of Grljan near Zajecar will host 28th international festival of the Balkans instrumental music, which will gather around 300 fife, bagpipe, elderwood flute, shepherd's reed flute players, ocarinists and players on other ethnic instruments from Serbia,

Blueberry Days at Mt. Kopaonik

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Nature and mountain lovers will have an opportunity to visit the “Blueberry Days” event at Mt. Kopaonik on July 28-30, organised for the second consecutive year by MK Mountain Resort, Kopaonik National Park, “Raška“ Tourism and Sports Organisation and

Nectar takes over Slovenia's Fructal for EUR 50 million

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Serbian fruit juice maker Nectar took over Slovenia's Fructal for EUR 50 million, so it will become one of major Serbian investors in Slovenia, Director of the company from Backa Palanka Bojan Radun told Tanjug on Tuesday.

Titan Cementara receives first IPPC license

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The IPPC licence has now been issued in Serbia for the first time, the Minister stressed, adding that it is an important part of the process to access the EU. The IPPC licence means that a company has the best technology and that its products do not pose a problem to the environment.

Philip Morris in Serbia enables its business partners in retail to pay their invoices via mobile phone

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The M Payment service in Serbia was enabled thanks to the successful cooperation with the company HALCOM, software developer, the company TELENOR mobile provider and four banks - Raiffeisen Banka, Crédit Agricole, Erste Bank and Komercijalna

HP puts data storage on a diet, guarantees capacity reduction

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The HP Get Thin Guarantee Program is available to clients globally through HP or HP-authorized channel partners. Under the terms of the program, qualifying participants may purchase any model of HP 3PAR Storage System with HP 3PAR Thin Conversion and HP 3PAR Thin Provisioning Software.

Holcim’s investments in Serbia

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Since the launch of operations in Serbia in 2002, Holcim Serbia has invested more than EUR100 million. In addition to investments in the production and technology, significant funds have been invested in the living environment and the local community.

Telenor Internet Park opened in Subotica

Free Internet in the next two years

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In June 2008, Serbia got its first Internet Park, in the Student Park in Belgrade. Since then, 27 Internet Parks have been opened across Serbia. In addition to the introduction of the first Internet Park in Subotica, Telenor has reconstructed its whole network in Vojvodina.

A quarter of a century of IEDC - Bled School of Management

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Since 1986 more than 53,000 participants from 70 countries have participated at various IEDC's educational programs for experienced executives and talented young managers.More than 3,500 managers and leaders visit the School annually out of which 80% come from abroad thus making

FYRMacedonia becomes part of Dutch tourism offer

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Ohrid hotel owners and representatives of tour-operator TUI Netherlands signed over the weekend an agreement for lease of holidays at the Ohrid Lake for the coming three seasons.

FIRMA project supports competition for "My Sarajevo Photo"

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A dynamic new web site and ongoing photo competition launched in Sarajevo on July 7 will unite citizens, visitors and the tourism industry in a scheme aimed at creating a database of high-quality photos for promoting Sarajevo as a tourism destination.

Efthymiou re-elected to second term as president of OSCE Parliamentary Assembly

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A stalwart supporter of the OSCE field operations, which he has labeled “the backbone” of the organization, Mr. Efthymiou often uses his high level meetings to bring positive attention to OSCE missions in various countries and express his support for re-opening recently

Parliamentarians pass Belgrade Declaration aimed at a more effective OSCE

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More than 230 parliamentarians from 53 countries yesterday voted to pass the Belgrade Declaration, a political document filled with recommendations for national parliaments and the Organization for Security and Co-operation Europe on economic, security and human rights issues.

The 20th OSCE Parliamentary Assembly is being held in Belgrade

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The third day of work will see continuationof sittings of three committees - the General Committee on Political Affairs and Security, Committee on Economic Affairs, Science, Technology and Environment, and Committee on Democracy, Human Rights and Humanitarian Questions, as well

'Serbia, Land of Frescoes" exhibition opens in Vatican

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The 'Serbia, Land of Frescoes' exhibition began its world tour in Strasbourg in 2007, then moved to Klagenfurt, Ljubljana, Paris, Brussels, while in Florence the display period was extended due to a great number of visitors.

Continued efforts to resolve protracted conflicts needed, OSCE Chairperson says

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The OSCE will continue its work to resolve protracted conflicts, the OSCE Chairperson-in-Office, Lithuanian Foreign Minister Audronius Ažubalis, today told 300 Parliamentarians from 53 OSCE participating States and four partner countries gathered in Belgrade for the Annual

Corridor X passes along many archaeological sites

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Corridor X passes along many archaeological and cultural heritage sites in eastern and southern Serbia, which re-enforces the importance of its construction, it was said Tuesday at a presentation of Roman road Via Militaris, discovered while building the Dimitrovgrad bypass.

Bronze Lion for McCann Erickson Belgrade

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The campaign, a result of pro bono partnership with the Suicide Prevention Call Center in Serbia, has been declared by the Cannes jury of leading international experts as one of the most successful campaigns in the world in the category of creative use of media.

What is troubling Serbian tourism?

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In his interview to Biznis magazin, MK Mountain Resort Managing Director Nikola Avram talked about his experience at the largest ski resort in the Balkans, Mt Kopaonik.

SEECP strengthens regional cooperation in combating corruption and organised crime

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“SEECP has confirmed to be an authentic and strong voice of the countries of the region. It has become an efficient platform for boosting good neighbourly relations and a political and economic framework for meeting objectives rooted in the needs and interests of our

A5: Regional stability in Western Balkans precondition for EU, NATO integration, US pledge support

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Regional stability is a precondition for European and Euro-Atlantic integration of the Western Balkans countries, Foreign Ministers of the US–Adriatic Charter (A5) noted in the joint statement following the Initiative partnership commission’s meeting on 29 June in

Belgrade hosts the 2nd South, Central and East Europe Investigative Journalism Days

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The 2nd South, Central and East Europe Investigative Journalism Days will take place in Belgrade, Serbia, from 27 to 29 June 2011, and will focus on corruption.

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Crans Montana Forum: How can we build a better world?

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In 2011, the Crans Montana Forum will celebrate its 22nd anniversary being dedicated to “Can We Build a Better World ?”.More than 600 Participants from 100 countries and Organizations will gather in Brussels on the occasion of the forthcoming and 22nd Crans Montana

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Azerbaijan:A key destination for Business and Foreign Investment

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Azerbaijan is considered as the most important success in its Region as far as Economic Development, Social and Political Progress are concerned.Azerbaijan was admitted as the number-one reformer among 181 countries, according to the World Bank Doing Business Report 2009.

Show room of Tigar products made of recycled rubber

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Tigar a.d. has made available products of recycled rubber to the local public for the first time in a show room in Belgrade. In the new retail outlet in Rakovica, 39v Prvoboraca Street, all visitors can check functionality of Tigar’s ecological program.


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