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Snowfall reported across Balkans

20. December 2009. | 09:21 11:01

Source: EMportal

Heavy snow falls are reported across Serbia, much of the Balkans and the rest of Europe.

Heavy snow falls are reported across Serbia, much of the Balkans and the rest of Europe.

In Serbia the registerd temperatures are between -12 and -1 degrees Celsius. Lanes covered with snow 1-3 cm in higher parts of country 3-5 cm. Fog reduces visibility in the region of mountains Kopaonik, and across the saddle Crni Vrh.Waiting time at the border crossings - up to 30 min

Due to the increased precipitation in higher mountain areas (Nova Varoš, Pešter, Kopaonik, Zlatibor, Stara planina, Ivanjica, Čestobrodica...), snow and ice occurrence on pavement surfaces, the PE “Roads of Serbia” appeals to all traffic participants to use the mandatory winter equipment, whereas trucks and truck trailers are forbidden on critical road sections.

In addition, all traffic participants are to pay special attention to traffic regime alterations being currently in force on roads in the Republic of Serbia, to follow traffic regulations and the temporary traffic signing, to adjust their speed and driving style to present conditions.

One person has died and ten people have been injured in traffic accidents occurring over the last 24 hours in Kosmet due to poor weather conditions.

Kosovo Police spokesperson Arber Beka said that one person died in an accident which occurred near Đakovica, and that there were injuries reported in 16 traffic accidents, and a total of 74 accidents that caused material damage.

The local police are calling on residents to be careful on the roads because of the heavy snow fall and very difficult driving conditions.

In Montenegro the Podgorica airport has reopened after closing down because of poor weather conditions.
Airport officials expect flights to function regularly on Sunday. Most of northern Montenegro was covered in snow in Saturday while large amounts of rain fell in southern regions. The most snow—about 60 centimeters worth—fell in Žabljak

In Skopje, some 16cm of snow has accumulated in the past three days- posing a challenge for motorists as city officials, caught dozing by the holidays and an insufficiency of snowplows, have been unable to clear major central streets.

Good driving conditions throughout the country without any prohibition or restriction for all types of motor vehicles on dry and clean roads. Drivers are reminded to adjust their speed and driving actions to the conditions especially on higher places and lanes where landslide is possible. No delays at border crossings, except necessary period for customs formalities.Winter car equipment is obligatory as of November 15 until March 15.

In Sofia, Bulgaria, similar conditions have been encountered, but authorities have a more formidable fleet of snowplows (137, to be exact) at their disposal.

Despite a handful of minor accidents, however, Macedonian citizens have generally been enjoying this unusual chance to sled in the centre and to see the giant faux Christmas tree in the square, distastefully topped by a giant pink T (a gesture to likely sponsor T-Mobile), adorned by actual snow. Forecasts call for snow to continue falling until Tuesday, and resume later in the week.

Snowfall has been enabled by freezing temperatures across the region. So far, the standard has been set in ever-chilly Erzurum, Turkey. This eastern Anatolian town recently recorded temperatures of minus 36 Celsius.

Snow has also made things interesting in northern Greece, where officials have called on drivers to use chains amidst freezing temperatures as low as minus 13 Celsius and snowfall of up to 25cm across Epiros and the province of Macedonia.

Aerial footage from northern Albania shown earlier this week showed the mountainous region completely snowed under. Already hard enough to navigate in the best of times, this sparsely populated area has become inaccessible in large parts due to snowfall of up to half a meter.


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