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Humanitarian concert in honor of Tose Proeski

24. January 2010. | 17:58

Source: MIA

On the eve of the birthday of Macedonia's greatest music star Tose Proeski, a humanitarian concert under the motto "With Humanity Towards The Light" will be held Sunday in Boris Trajkovksi hall.

On the eve of the birthday of Macedonia's greatest music star Tose Proeski, a humanitarian concert under the motto "With Humanity Towards The Light" will be held Sunday in Boris Trajkovksi hall.

Eight songs composed by Tose Proeski will be performed at Sunday's concert by his friends and colleagues - Toni Cetinski, Boris Novkovic, Nina Badric, Aki Rakimovski, Elena Risteska, Kaliopi, Jelena Tomasevic and Bojan Marovic. The song "Still Dreaming We're Together", which was recorded in the summer of 2007 in Serbian, will be premiered at the concert and the videos for "Guilty" and "Forever in a Day" off his latest album will be broadcast for the firs time.

The concert is organised by Tose Proeski Foundation with support by the Government and Ministry of Culture. Funds will be collected at the event in an attempt to fulfil one of Tose's dreams - power network for the "Holy Transfiguration" monastery, his spiritual home. EVN Macedonia with a donation for electrification joins efforts to illuminate the monastery. The Government and Ministry of Culture have realised several projects in honor of the Macedonian music legend.

Tose's memorial home in Krusevo is under construction and it is expected to be promoted in 2010.

This is the second humanitarian concert in tribute to Tose. On October 5 - exactly a year after his last concert in his home country - 30.000 people gathered to pay their respect at the City Stadium and to donate funds for charitable causes.

On Saturday, an album titled "Still Dreaming We're Together" -containing songs penned by him - was promoted in Skopje.

The life of the Macedonian angel tragically ended on 16 October 2007. He died in a car accident near Nova Gradiska while traveling to Zagreb. Fans from all around the world are visiting his resting place in Krusevo to honor the boy who had love for everybody and wanted to change the world...

On January 25, Macedonia will commemorate the 29th birthday of the pop star. Throughout his short career, Proeski released seven albums, held endless tours across the Balkans and scooped the most prestigious music awards. His eight album "The Hardest Thing", the first one in English, was released last year posthumously.


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