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Ranko Krivokapic postpones his visit to Serbia

11. May 2010. | 07:35 07:38

Source: Tanjug

Montenegrin Assembly Speaker Ranko Krivokapic will not visit Serbia on May 18 and 19, as it was previously announced, as the Serbian parliament has cancelled the visit.

Montenegrin Assembly Speaker Ranko Krivokapic will not visit Serbia on May 18 and 19, as it was previously announced, as the Serbian parliament has cancelled the visit.

Podgorica daily Vijesti on May 8 reported that Krivokapic was informed of this by his Serbian counterpart Djukic-Dejanovic.

The cancellation of the visit was allegedly requested for in a "note" from Podgorica that "the most anti Serbian part of Montenegrin authorities" should not be received, the daily reported.

By cancelling the visit of Krivokapic, Serbia has "repeated its diplomatic mistakes" the Montenegrin assembly speaker's cabinet said.

"By repeating these diplomatic mistakes, the Republic of Serbia reduces its chances to abandon the last place in EU integrations," Krivokapic's EU Integrations Advisor Ivan Vujovic stated.

In a written statement, Vujovic said that it is "inappropriate to persistently invite someone, and then offer an unconvincing formal reason to cover the obvious one, thus violating a basic principle of international law noninterference into another country's internal affairs

" Podgorica TV In reported that Krivokapic's visit to Belgrade was cancelled based on a message received from Serbian Ambassador in Montenegro Zoran Lutovac.

Lutovac allegedly proposed cancelling the visit to prevent its abuse for election purposes, at the eve of local elections in Montenegro, to be held on May 23.

Parliament Speaker Slavica Djukic-Dejanovic has said that she trusts that her Montenegrin counterpart Krivokapic will understand the reasons for the postponement of a planned visit to Belgrade, scheduled for May 18.

"The claims of some individuals in Montenegro's Parliament of this being yet another diplomatic blunder by Belgrade are tendentious and do not correspond to the truth," Dejanovic told Blic.

When questioned about the reasons for the postponement, she answered that she was forced to put the visit off because of sudden business obligations "related to parliamentary and legislative matters, and also the arrival of different parliamentary delegations in Belgrade."

"We have not cancelled the Montenegrin Speaker's visit, but only postponed it. It is not so important whether the visit will be held a month earlier or later," Djukic-Dejanovic said.


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