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EC to abide by UN practice on use of Macedonian language

20. November 2010. | 05:50

Source: MIA

President's cabinet informs that intensive diplomatic contacts have been made with various factors on the international scene for adequate use of the adjective "Macedonian" by international institutions and organisations.

President Gjorge Ivanov has sent a letter to European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso calling for the adjective "Macedonian" in the future to be used appropriately in the organisation based on a practice endorsed by UN, all relevant international documents on human rights and based on the principle of naming the Macedonian minority in Albania in EC's report.

The President said that he and his fellow citizens had been deeply upset by the manner in which the Macedonian language was named in this year's EC progress report - not as Macedonia, but as "state language", "official language" and "local language".

"On the other hand, other languages that are spoken and recognised in Macedonia (for example Albanian or Roma language) are correctly used in the report. Sadly, the European Commission for five consecutive years has been carefully avoiding the use of the term "Macedonian" for report descriptions (except in naming institutions, organs, etc)," Ivanov wrote to Barroso.

He said that such omissions hadn't been made in progress reports on other countries in the region. The adjective "Macedonian" is used to precisely describe the Macedonian minority in Albania in country's EC report, according to Ivanov.

President Ivanov said he was concerned with the impression that the EC had yield over the pressure exerted by an EU member state, endorsing the policy of avoiding the use of term "Macedonian" and stressed that the policy was not in accordance with EU's basic principles.

He called on the EC President to take over the helm with respect to the issue and to cease the unjust approach to Macedonia.

"I believe the adjective "Macedonian", which determines the national identity of the people of Macedonia, will be appropriately treated and used in all official documents and reports of the European Commission in the future," noted Ivanov in the letter urging that the country was remaining strongly committed to finding a mutually acceptable name solution in the UN-brokered talks.

President's cabinet informs that intensive diplomatic contacts have been made with various factors on the international scene for adequate use of the adjective "Macedonian" by international institutions and organisations.


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20. November 2010. 08:20:21

| Ime



20. November 2010. 23:11:57

| Ime


The Macedonian language and idenity is Greek not Slavic and god bless you for NOT useing the term Macedonia or macedonian to describe this Bulgarian dialect..The propaganda on the internet nowadays from this nation FYROM needs to stop its lies and hate towards Greece..There are over 2.5 million Macedonians in Greece who do not identifie with the Slavo-Bulgarians from FYROM.They are Greeks true Macedonians not Slavs who want a name of glory....Pathetic is a good word that comes to mind when reading about this new nation called FYROM.

21. November 2010. 07:27:53

| Ime


Macedonia is Macedonian Greek is Greek could it be any simpler. You Greeks are thick in the head. Macedonia has always been Macedonian Never Greek. Look back in history Macedonia ruled Greece, macedonia conquered Greece not the other way around. Greece has to much to lose by recognizing Macedonia so they make up names like fyrom and call Macedonians Greeks and Bulgarians. 1913 Bucharest treaty was a long time ago Greeks need to get over it and move on you need to recognize people for who and the name they say they are.

21. November 2010. 07:27:53

| Macedonia


Misirkov, Delchev, Gruev... all Bulgarians, I'd say "Shame shame" on you former self-identifying ethnic Bulgarians trying to usurp the identity of Macedonians.

21. November 2010. 18:16:46

| Ime


The right to self identification is the cornerstone of any human rights document and treatment of people. No one can tell another person or country what to call themselves, what language they speak, or what religion they follow. Its time for the internationa community, especially the UN and EU, to stand up for what is right and allow the Republic of Macedonia to be a part of Europe and the world with its own identity as it has always been.

21. November 2010. 23:12:01

| Peter


It is shameful for EU kneeling to Greeces demands.The real issue here is and must be understood,Greeces aim is to wipeout the Macedonian identity.Their aim is not only for the Republic of Macedonia,but,it will help them to wipeout the existance of the large indigenouse Macedonian population within illigal occupation of Macedonian territory since the 1913 Bucharest Agreement.The Greek president who sighned the 1995 Interim Agreement while he Papulias sighned is not recognised by Greece as stated in Sofia just last week.Since Greece does not abide by the 1995 Interim Agreement,why should Macedonia continue to negotiate the name that pre-existed the Greek State.What are the guaranties Greece will abide by their signatures and will EU be co-signators as in 1995?EU position is to say the least is Racist toward Macedonia.Greece has never abide by what they have agreed on.EU and NATO are prostituting on behalf of Greece.The Republic of Macedonia must put a STOP to these unfair,illigal negotiations of its constitutional name of Macedonia.I have one message for our Greek friends;stop fabricating history.

22. November 2010. 15:00:21

| Ime


i think its time Macedonia gave up trying to join criminal and terrorist organizations like EU and NATO.
What a shame and disgrace Europe has become, and i for one, will stop referring to myself as European, because to be european is a disgrace!

23. November 2010. 12:04:15

| Georgio


This is a dangerous precedent and one that must not be allowed to succeed.
By making demands on behalf of one of its members,that a non-member changes its name before it can join, the EU is no longer a Union of democratic nations and all of the principles it demands that others adhere to, have evaporated.
It is very disturbing that the EU is ignoring this issue and putting it on the back burner.
Sadly, I am very dissapointed that greece is showing lack of maturity and inability to come to terms with the existence of the Macedonian nation and people.


22. November - 28. November 2010.