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SDSM supporters protested in Skopje

05. December 2010. | 21:43 21:49

Source: Emg.rs

More than 10,000 supporters of FYRMacedonia's leading opposition party protested in the country's capital to call for early elections. The protesters accused the conservative government of mismanaging the economy and criticising its failure to bring the country closer to the EU and Nato.

More than 10,000 supporters of FYRMacedonia's leading opposition party protested in the country's capital to call for early elections. The protesters accused the conservative government of mismanaging the economy and criticising its failure to bring the country closer to the EU and Nato.

The Social Democrats, who claim 50,000 people came to the rally, filed a formal initiative for the dissolution of the assembly to the parliament, which would lead to early elections.

"Macedonia is defeated on all fields," Branko Crvenkovski, head of the Social Democratic Union of Macedonia (SDSM), told the crowd at a rally on Sunday.

"By the end of the year we will officially demand that parliament be dissolved and early elections called," he added. "We are not reconciling ourselves with the misery and poverty."

Macedonia's next regular elections are due in 2012, but the government's critics say the country can't afford to wait that long.

Participants of the protest marched under the slogan "It's enough! Fight for the future" through central Skopje to gather in front of the parliament building.

The opposition held similar protests in October in Prilep and last month in Stip, both in central Macedonia.

Crvenkovski accuses the government of failing to secure economic growth in the country, which has suffered the impact of the global economic and financial crisis.

Despite fears of violent incidents, Sunday's protest was carried out in a peaceful atmosphere.The protestors mostly complained about the growing poverty in the country and the polarisation of the state.

The march was supported by several minor opposition parties who are part of a coalition led by the Social Democrats.However, the main rightist opposition, United for Macedonia, did not participate and held a protest rally at the same time in the central Macedonian town of Veles.


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06. December 2010. 06:37:59

| Skenderbeu


I say we dissolve FYRM , the Albanians get their portion and the rest can what ever they want , why do we as Albanians have to carry so called "Macedonians" which in fact are Bulgarians on our back about the name and other problems that they have .I say SPLIT IT NOW coming spring everything is prepared for ENOUGH WITH SLAV REGIME AND THEIR WAY OF FEEDING ON SOMEONE ELSE'S BACK

06. December 2010. 09:54:13

| Ime


Skenderbeu, you are a racist and inconsiderate person .Some one should dissolve you!

06. December 2010. 09:54:55

| Aleksandar


1. There are more than 2 millions Macedonians
2. You are an inconsiderate racist
3. I have right to call my self what i want.
5. Albanians have so many rights in Macedonia and yet you criticize the country let lets you stay.
3. You should be the one that dissolves! The world would be a better place with out racist idiots like yourself.

08. December 2010. 11:02:44

| Skenderbeu


What 2 million macedonians how do you come up with that number , out of 2 million people living in Region Macedonia 1.2 million are Bulgarians , I'm not the one that says this it's fact ,how many "Macedonians" have Bulgarian passport , to all Albanians living in FYRM in their passport notes that they are Macedonians this is how the numbers are inflated, Look I don't have anything against toward anyone living in FYRM ,what bugs me is the fact that enough is enough I'm tired of talk ,Talk is cheap ,change the name NOW or we WILL.. Macedonians my ass ,that's like saying Kosovars are a nation in itself .You are Bulgarians ,the language is the same just a different dialect ,and FYI I'm not racist , I just want what's best for people living in this region ,and frankly your leaders ideas are backwards .A century from now no one will care weather they'r Belgium ,Germany Spain France or what ever ,their all be from Europe .So the the sooner with the name change the faster we unite to Europe hence we become Europeans . I am Albanian what ever part of the world I'll go, same goes for other nations ,why it's such a threat to you folks I have no idea?! FYRM can not exist with out Albanians , so you better compromise or else...


27. December - 02. January 2011.