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ICJ public hearing in Macedonia's suit against Greece ends

31. March 2011. | 07:45

Source: MIA

The Hague court should declare it has no jurisdiction on Macedonia's suit and define the Skopje demands as inadmissible, the Greek Ambassador and representative before the Hague-based International Court of Justice (ICJ), George Savaides, said on Wednesday.

The Hague court should declare it has no jurisdiction on Macedonia's suit and define the Skopje demands as inadmissible, the Greek Ambassador and representative before the Hague-based International Court of Justice (ICJ), George Savaides, said on Wednesday.

If the Court declares itself to be in charge of the case and consider the demands as admissible, it should pass a verdict saying that the applicant's requests are ungrounded, Savaides said at he final session of the public hearing in Macedonia's suit against Greece before the ICJ for violating the 1995 bilateral document by objecting to Macedonia's application to join NATO.

Maria Telalian, also a Greek representative before the Court, said Athens considered that the Macedonian party was the one that had breached the accord on several occasions, in particular the obligations related to the negotiations on the name row settlement.

Members of the Greek team, Yale and Cambridge Universities Professors Michael Reisman and James Crawford respectively, referred to the issues related to the Court jurisdiction and the link between the Article 11 and 22 of the Interim Accord.

Paris University Professor Alain Pellet elaborated Macedonia's alleged violations of the accord by its attitude in the name negotiating process and persistence to use its constitutional name in international organizations instead of the interim reference – an obligation that derives from the UN Resolution 817.

After the presentation of Greece's counter-arguments Judge Mohamed Bennouna asked the Greek team what was the position on Macedonia's NATO membership Athens had been presenting before and during the Bucharest Summit in its contacts with other member countries. Greece should submit its answer to both the Judge and Macedonia in a written form by April 7. Macedonia on its part should submit its comment to the Greece’s response by April 14 at latest.

The ICJ verdict, which is final and binding for UN member-states and parties in the dispute, is expected within six months or by the year-end.

Macedonia took Greece to the UN court seeking a ruling that Athens illegally vetoed its application for NATO membership three years ago in breach of a 1995 agreement to support its membership of international organizations under the name "The Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia."


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31. March 2011. 22:05:56

| walkthestreets


one doesnt have to be a history scholar to conclude macedonia is hellenic.
if fyrom hands their soverignty over to greece and the borders of greece include fyrom then by all means the people in that region can call themselves macedonian....and of course, greek.

01. April 2011. 06:36:15

| Aleks


The name problem with greece is pure greek internal problem. Greece needs to wake up to the horrors that have taken place on its land the last 100 years, stop claiming to be 99.9% pure hellenic.
Greece need to:
1. Allow the exciles to return or at least get their greek citizenship back (lost before, during and after the greek civil war).
2. Hold a sensus where citizens of greece can freely express their ethnic feelings (without threat of violence, discrimination or loss of all important job),
3. Hold a truth and reconciliation hearing something similar to South Africa, and lastly
4. govern for its citizens not some pathetic business elites.

After that, the name of its northern neighbour will not matter and I am sure it will change out of free will if it gives the greek government courage to do the 4 points stated above.

Good luck greeks, you have a lot of soul searching in front of you, not to mention austerity at the hands of IMF

01. April 2011. 06:36:15



Greek was practiclly a dead language until the 19th century. Their are 3 major languages in Europe. Latin, Anglo-Germanic, and Slavic. Greek is a language unlike any one of these. Its closest cousin is Arabic. By creating a modern Greek state in the early 19th century, the western powers wanted a guarenteed strong hold of the Mediteranean. Besides, who in the western world would like to learn that most of our culture came from the middle east. They're the bad guys! Give them poor Macedonians whats rightfully theirs.

01. April 2011. 06:36:15

| WalkTheStreetsStepInPoo


Yes but if you were a history scholar you'd know that Modern Greece has hardly any relationship to Ancient Greece, let alone Ancient Macedonia.

Your whole link to antiquity concept is a salve to the Modern Greek psyche's failure to compete with other countries.

01. April 2011. 06:36:15

| Ime


Me Greek, my people no tell lies. FYROMIAN's are Slav, very bad people, they lie, very big liars. They say we veto them at Nato in Bucharest, no, no, no, this big liar, it was someone else's idea, not Greeks, no, no no!

Let me tell the truth about Macedonia, me, I am true Macedonian. 2500 years ago Alexander Megali spread his Greek seed to Pontus in present day Northern Turkey, we Pontic people (approx. 1/2 million) come back to mother Macedonia in 1920, after very bad Turkish people kick us out. Of course we have to kick out some Slav's to make room for my people, but this is OK, they are only Slav's not Greek like me.

Now I tell you about Slavs, they come to my Macedonia 1600 years ago. They were happy little Slavs living in my beautiful Macedonia for 1550 years and then Tito tell them they are Macedonian and they believe this. Very stupid people, yesterday they were Slavs and today they are Macedonian. Ah ha ha ha, sorry I laugh, how stupid some people can be.

Slav's even brainwashed my dear old yaya, she sometimes forgets and calls these people Macedonian, but we soon remind her that they are scopians not Macedonians. She apologises and says old habits die hard. Poor yaya,
she even knows how to talk their slavo-vulgarian language, that malakia Tito nearly brainwashed my yaya

01. April 2011. 14:27:38

| James Bond 007


@Macedonia ain't Greece

LOLski, honey, I will only do that after you do your Trojan Horse. Don't blame me, you breeded with her.

01. April 2011. 14:27:38

| Stam Sex Machina


was it not only twenty years ago that Greece politicians were claiming and I quote is "Macedonia does not exist" yet today they are claiming Macedonia Greece. Doesn't anyone else see the contradiction?
To expand on these contradictions that plague all Greek arguments, democracy was claimed to have been created by Greece (In Athens) in 508BC. Yet Alexander the great was a king as was his father and his before him. However in a democracy no king is ever elected or leads. So it seems that either Greece is lying about Alexander or about Democracy? How interesting.

01. April 2011. 17:48:45

| wow stop lying


How is there so many people talking false?
Ever wonder how history always repeats itself?
Because we don't learn from history.
If you study history...Democracy was born in Athens...Athens and Macedonia are related in that they were both Greek city states but seperate ones at that. Sparta had its own city state too. Guess what? They were Greek too. And so on...The fact of the matter is they were all Greeks. Alexander is a Greek name. Look it up. All Greek names have a meaning. So is Phillip. So is every other Macedonian Warrior or statesman you can think of...Greek names. The ancient Macedonian language is Greek. One only needs to look at the excavations with the Greek coins and the Greek inscriptions. Alexander the Great's tutor was the famous Greek thinker Aristotle, who was an Athenian based scholar.
The Greek language is the only language that still lives after so long...everything else died. Latin or ancient Roman died. Egyptian got extinct. Persian died. The Greek language lived on and ofcourse changed and transformed but it still lives. The English language is very closely related to the Greek. About 35% of the English dictionary is Greek in origin. Not to mention 90@ of English medical terms are taken from Greek words. STUDY HISTORY. THE TRUTH IS THERE.
What's going on here is Slavic people, which means slaves in Greek...are trying to claim Greek history and territory.
They don't really have a true identity. Their language is a mixture of Bulgarian and Slavic. No connection to the Ancient Greek language of Macedon whatsoever. Everything about Makedonia is so Greek. If you don't believe me, look it up! Just don't be ignorant and believe propaganda.

04. April 2011. 09:43:16

| Ime



actually you have things exactly backwards. Given the root of much of western civilization Greeks have the MOST in common with ancient counterparts. I would take a look in the mirror to see what exactly you have in common with your claimed ancestors before harassing Greeks.

04. April 2011. 09:43:16

| Ime


"Greek is a language unlike any one of these. Its closest cousin is Arabic."

Dude, you're bizarre and don't have a clue what you are talking about. Modern greek has absolutely nothing to do with arabic. Its like claiming Serbian is like arabic. or Bulgarian is like Chinese. Its a completely different language group .

Furthermore modern (demotic) Greekuses the same alpahet as the Koine Greek ancient Macedonians used. THOUSANDS of words are spelled identifically or so close they are easily understandable.

You ignorance shows you are motivated by hate not reason.


15. August - 21. August 2011.