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ICJ public hearing in Macedonia's suit against Greece ends

31. March 2011. | 07:45

Source: MIA

The Hague court should declare it has no jurisdiction on Macedonia's suit and define the Skopje demands as inadmissible, the Greek Ambassador and representative before the Hague-based International Court of Justice (ICJ), George Savaides, said on Wednesday.

The Hague court should declare it has no jurisdiction on Macedonia's suit and define the Skopje demands as inadmissible, the Greek Ambassador and representative before the Hague-based International Court of Justice (ICJ), George Savaides, said on Wednesday.

If the Court declares itself to be in charge of the case and consider the demands as admissible, it should pass a verdict saying that the applicant's requests are ungrounded, Savaides said at he final session of the public hearing in Macedonia's suit against Greece before the ICJ for violating the 1995 bilateral document by objecting to Macedonia's application to join NATO.

Maria Telalian, also a Greek representative before the Court, said Athens considered that the Macedonian party was the one that had breached the accord on several occasions, in particular the obligations related to the negotiations on the name row settlement.

Members of the Greek team, Yale and Cambridge Universities Professors Michael Reisman and James Crawford respectively, referred to the issues related to the Court jurisdiction and the link between the Article 11 and 22 of the Interim Accord.

Paris University Professor Alain Pellet elaborated Macedonia's alleged violations of the accord by its attitude in the name negotiating process and persistence to use its constitutional name in international organizations instead of the interim reference – an obligation that derives from the UN Resolution 817.

After the presentation of Greece's counter-arguments Judge Mohamed Bennouna asked the Greek team what was the position on Macedonia's NATO membership Athens had been presenting before and during the Bucharest Summit in its contacts with other member countries. Greece should submit its answer to both the Judge and Macedonia in a written form by April 7. Macedonia on its part should submit its comment to the Greece’s response by April 14 at latest.

The ICJ verdict, which is final and binding for UN member-states and parties in the dispute, is expected within six months or by the year-end.

Macedonia took Greece to the UN court seeking a ruling that Athens illegally vetoed its application for NATO membership three years ago in breach of a 1995 agreement to support its membership of international organizations under the name "The Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia."


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04. April 2011. 19:36:00

| Ime


Why don't we all chill out? We live next door to each other. We should be brothers in arms not enemies. Once again, greed, politics and pride are the winners. I am Greek. I'm proud of my country and its history but I'm not going to sit here on some forum and insight hatred. The world is free and it's beautiful if you look outside of yourself. This is all about ego. At the end of the day, the only way this is going to be solved with some kind of finality is through a war. It's the winners that write history, not the losers.. so until that day comes and we have to hate each other enough to kill each other... Let's love each other and not waste our time on meaningless forums posting our meaningless opinions that only cause more hatred. Everyones opinions here mean nothing. It's just a waste if time... It is the winners opinion really mean nothing. They are not truth. Truth is made by the winner. I have had to sit through my history class while some idiotic teacher rambled on about the fact that Alexander the great was gay. You know who wrote that atrocity? The English historians. They made it up because they couldn't comprehend the closeness and bond of Greek soldiers but the English are 'winners' on the world stage, so people start listening. I have no problem at all with gay people, I have love for and think many gay people are beautiful people but I mean come on!!! Give me a break. Anyway, much love my people. Remember, we only have one life, let's live it with dignity and respect and remember that we are but a small part of a much bigger wheel. Peace

05. April 2011. 07:23:58

| Macedonia Name Aggrement


North Macedonia & Makedonski for identity for Skopje. Aegean Macedonia & Makedones for identity for Athens. Pirin Macedonia & Makedonov for identity for Sofia. This way no one has the sole rights to the Macedonia/Macedonian name. Only the whole region to be name Macedonia region as the Skandanavia region which is made up by a few countries.


15. August - 21. August 2011.