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Greece wants a conclusive agreement with FYROM

05. May 2011. | 13:34

Source: ANA

A Greek foreign ministry spokesman on Wednesday was queried over the pending case before the International Court of Justice at The Hague (ICJ) brought by the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (Fyrom) -- a Nato and EU hopeful -- against Greece.

A Greek foreign ministry spokesman on Wednesday was queried over the pending case before the International Court of Justice at The Hague (ICJ) brought by the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (Fyrom) -- a Nato and EU hopeful -- against Greece.

The one-time Yugoslav republic, a landlocked state established in 1991 in the heart of the southern Balkans, claims that EU and Nato member-state Greece violated the 1995 interim agreement, which amongst others, stipulates that Athens would not block the former's entry into international organisations under the provisional name "Fyrom" -- a claim that Greek leadership has flatly and repeatedly rejected.

Referring more to the substance of the so-called "name issue", spokesman Grigoris Delavekouras noted that the pre-election season in fYRoM at present does not facilitate a solution to the difference.

"Greece is ready to take steps (forward), and we are awaiting reciprocation from the new (Fyrom) government. We want a conclusive agreement, which will be final and not with notations of the 'ad referendum' type," he said, reiterating that any agreement must apply to all (erga omnes) and should include a geographic qualifier.

"After the elections we expect the new government (in Skopje) to arrive at the negotiations table with genuine volition for a solution to this difference and the country's accession to Euro-Atlantic structures."

In answer to an unrelated question, Delavekouras said Greece's general consul in the southeast Albanian town of Korce is not being replaced, rather, the latter's term at the diplomatic post wound up.

Nevertheless, the spokesman said Athens is "constantly monitoring" the situation in the neighbouring country, particularly instances of "nationalistic rhetoric", "which is not compatible with the European framework in which the neighbouring country wants to be included," as he said.

In conclusion, Delavekouras said Greece wants a constant upgrading of bilateral relations.


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06. May 2011. 06:37:57

| Zur


Mr Delavekouras;
After every argument and counter argument said about this issue...

If Greeks are Greeks and have been for "thousands of years" as your Government claims; then you cannot be Macedonian.
You are one or the other.
You can't be both.
Every day, Greeks travel to the Republic of Macedonia, buy food there, play casinos there and even fill up petrol there.
When asked how they feel about the "name issue" most of them say that it is the Greek Government that is doing this.
Is it true Mr Delavekouras that cashed up Greek Government officials go to Macedonia with one thing in mind; to buy Macedonian Traditional National Costumes? They pay up 3000 Euros each per costume, then take them back to Greece and present them as "Greek Cultural Heretige"?

06. May 2011. 14:36:50

| Ime


Fact! is that Macedonia juts like Athens and Sparta, Corinth and Thebes is Greek. The Yugoslav republic that has appropriated the name Macedonia in the 1940's has nothing to do with Macedonia. In fact this very state is made of of slavic speakers whose language is near identical to Bulgarian with 40% of the population being Albanians. I suggest you revert to the name you were known before the 1940's which is Vardaska and quit appropriating Macedonian symbols, history and of course the name because it was never yours.

07. May 2011. 12:34:54

| Ime


zur you can suggest anything you want but the truth is that without fyrom following thru with promises then there will be no nato or eu. fyrom can cry all day but that won't change the reality.

09. May 2011. 14:52:26

| Zur


As stated previously, "Ime"; what I have written is a FACT!
Your response I say; typical gobbledygook.
The next thing you will tell us all, that the "Knave" from the North, the terror to all Athenian City States; Philip of Macedon, the slayer of Athenians, was Greek?
If you people truly believe this and expect us all to believe it too,than you are either desperate or fooling yourselves!

30. May 2011. 07:41:53

| Ime


What Slavs of Vardaska (this has always been the name now want to be called Macedonia) claim and what worldwide history academia teaches are totally the opposite. These people are Bulgarians that settled in Vardaska, in antiquity Paeonia, confused about their identity. Steal heroes from their neighbours in order to build some history. Claim their Bulgarian language Macedonian, an the mess continues, until somebody puts a halt to this bizarre situation


17. October - 23. October 2011.