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Thousands of people protest in Greece

25. May 2011. | 22:22 23:43

Source: Emg.rs

Taking the lead from Spain, more than 50,000 people were gathered at Syntagma square, Wednesday noon, to protest the austerity measures, responding to a grassroots Facebook campaign. The protest gathering is schedulled to end at 11:30 pm. No police presence was reported.

Taking the lead from Spain, more than 50,000 people were gathered at Syntagma square, Wednesday noon, to protest the austerity measures, responding to a grassroots Facebook campaign. The protest gathering is schedulled to end at 11:30 pm. No police presence was reported.

The demonstrators chanted anti-government slogans. Alongside Wednesday's protestors are the so called "300", a group of old people that remain in Syntagma for the last four days and gather signatures for a referendum on the memorandum.

Similar demonstrations have been organised via the internet for other major cities around Greece, including Thessaloniki, Heraklion and Patra, with the calls empasizing peaceful protesting outside of party lines.

Greeks are indignant at a fresh wave of austerity cuts announced this week after painful sacrifices to address a debt crisis last year were partly neutralised by a deep recession that has cost hundreds of thousands of jobs.

It was modeled on a similar mobilisation in Spain this week.

Thousands gathered in Madrid in a protest timed to coincide with Sunday's regional and local elections, which delivered a heavy blow to Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero's ruling Socialist Party.

The popular protests, slickly organized via Twitter and Facebook, were the largest since Spain's property bubble collapsed in 2008 destroying millions of jobs.


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25. May 2011. 23:50:44

| Ime


No comments.. Greeks once more prove that they are proud and have the courage to go a step towards against the new conquerors and the new face of the old speculators..

25. May 2011. 23:50:44

| Ime


footage, picture, sound complete the short text in proper way...Kalimera Ellada

26. May 2011. 05:31:11

| Prove what?


Greeks once more prove that they are too lazy and pampered to accept salaries that match their productivity. They don't have the courage to shut up and accept that they were conquered by their own laziness.

Let's protest instead, its easier than working.

26. May 2011. 05:36:20

| Lakis


There is a gap among the greek oligarchy and the ordinary people..The greek problem is being created by the speculators and the 65000 oligarchs who gripped the greek wealth..On the other hand the international speculators found the way to gain more and more.. The question of lazy people is an other issue related to the social weakeness of the greek society and the immature political system.

26. May 2011. 05:58:18

| Maria


sleepless..I've just returned from Syntagma.. It was marvellous although authorities turned off the internet connection and the wi fi of the square.. the controlled media avoided to cover in depth the profile of the protesters but the fact is that there is anger and fear..despite all greeks are patriots and they want just to live in peace in their homes and their own land.

26. May 2011. 06:11:23

| Giorgos


I agree with you mates.. There is an obvious difference..The greeks protests in Athens were first of all citizens, protested peacefully, collected their rubbish, expressed themselves and returned back at home.. During the day we live as usual and after 1900 we spend our leisure time indicating politicians how to act protecting our national interest.. Athens welcomes democracy.

26. May 2011. 06:15:59

| антонис


добро јутро иѕ солуна

26. May 2011. 06:21:08

| natasa


hi guys..probably youve noticed that none of the hooded caused any problem..even police withdrew special units..the best message sent to the IMF and the politicians..tonight again..

26. May 2011. 06:26:30

| elena


more than 30 or 50 th people.. if you know the athens city we ve been from vas. sofias to square amalias ksenofontos kar.servias panepistimiou..the high peak was even 100000..greeks are still alive.

26. May 2011. 06:45:26

| aleksandros


just notice that athens and thessaloniki protested..the other cities still are far away from the massive demonstration.. we need to reach more than one million to overthrow our tyrans..but they will prevent this..in any case we don't surrender.


15. August - 21. August 2011.