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Entrepreneurs concerned that Europe's economic turmoil could spill into Macedonia

12. October 2011. | 10:47

Source: MIA

Economic developments around Europe cause concern and they are likely to be reflected in Macedonia, according to local entrepreneurs.

Economic developments around Europe cause concern and they are likely to be reflected in Macedonia, according to local entrepreneurs.

"Europe's current economic turmoil is especially alarming for us. Expectations that Macedonia is able to avoid the crisis looming with disintegration of the eurozone are groundless. Taking into consideration Greece's exposure - one of the countries already hit by a severe economic crisis and its presence in Macedonia's economy - one cannot expect Macedonia to elude the blow," Antoni Pesev - chairman of the assembly of the Economic Chamber - said before meeting with Macedonian American businessman Mike Zafirovski.

Macedonia should divert its export from Greece into other countries, he stressed.

Pesev said Macedonia at the moment was not in the zone of countries subjected to currency slumps, because the budget was balanced well.

According to him, Macedonia must become competitive. The fact that the country is in the eurozone and that Macedonia's currency is close to the euro can have some kind of positive effect in lowering production costs.

"The government needs to focus on stimulating economic development, fighting corruption, reducing unemployment and on EU and NATO integration," Mike Zafirovski urged.

There are chances for development, which at the same time can be "challenging".

"Macedonia should focus on activities boosting economic development. It takes perseverance, confidence and close cooperation with the business community and the government," the businessman said.

The main reason for visiting Macedonia is to advance the "Macedonia 2025" platform, Zafirovski said.

"Stimulating economic development, which is the focal point of "Macedonia 2025", is a combination of attracting foreign investments and supporting local companies. These are our goals," Zafirovski stressed.

An office promoting the platform and its activities was opened on Monday.


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