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Bulgaria’s President releases online commitments made in presidential campaign

24. January 2012. | 08:06

Source: Focus News Agency

The commitments and promises President Rosen Plevneliev made in his presidential campaign from 4 September 2011 to 30 October 2011 have been released on the website of the President’s Office. The first of them has already been fulfilled.

The commitments and promises President Rosen Plevneliev made in his presidential campaign from 4 September 2011 to 30 October 2011 have been released on the website of the President’s Office. The first of them has already been fulfilled.

1. To release all commitments made during the presidential election campaign on the website of the President’s Office – fulfilled;
2. To work to establish a modern European diplomatic service in Bulgaria and not to sign decrees appointing ambassadors who collaborated with the former State Security
3. To hire in the administration of the President’s Office competent young people who did not collaborate with the former State Security
4. To work to complete a long-term plan for development of Bulgaria which will be based on the National Development Program 2020 and to observe the institutions whether they work on its implementation
5. To work for Bulgaria’s reputation and good name
6. To be a president of the regions, to visit them regularly and invite representatives of the regions to participate in the Councils at the President’s Office
7. To work for Bulgaria’s first referendum on a publicly significant issue
8. To hold debates before making key decisions related with Bulgaria’s future
9. To hold a debate about Belene nuclear power plant after the executive presents the public with accurate and clear parameters and arguments on the project
10. To stand up for the priorities of energy efficiency, energy security and independence and liberalization of energy markets
11. To help Bulgaria participate in all major debates about Europe’s future
12. To work for a healthcare reform
13. To work towards education, qualification and innovations adequate to the needs of the economy
14. To work to set up a fund assisting young people’s innovations
15. To help institutions fight with corruption
16. To make sure e-government will be a priority of the executive and to follow the progress in this area
17. To work towards a better business environment and to draw more investments
18. To cooperate with the executive to prioritize administrative reform in order to achieve motivated and well-performing administration
19. To monitor the progress the executive achieves in the infrastructure area
20. To assist the development of sectors traditional and important to Bulgaria, such as tourism, agriculture and information technologies
21. To support the foreign policy related with the needs of the economy and help draw more foreign investments
22. To work for efficient and /adequate/ compact armed forces
23. To work by 2013 for new laws on the structure of the National Intelligence Service and National Security Guard Service
24. To call regularly meetings of the Consultative Council for National Security and give an opportunity to participants to get familiar in advance with relevant documents
25. To be present in the National Assembly when significant issues are discussed and to exercise his right to a veto in a transparent and motivated way
26. To support the nation’s cultural and spiritual development
27. To work towards agriculture development as a factor for preventing depopulation of villages
28. To organize “a month of political consultations” with the leaders of parties in Bulgaria at the beginning of each calendar year
29. To set up a Council of Bulgarian Presidents
30. To turn the President’s Office into a strategic center for outlining priorities for Bulgaria’s long-term development
31. To open the doors of the President’s Office for the civil society
32. To win recognition for the President’s Office as a center of public debate
33. To broadcast live on the Internet the meetings of the Councils at the President’s Office, except for those related with Bulgaria’s national security
34. For the President’s Office to open doors to the national employers’ organizations and trade unions, civil movements and NGOs and others who will participate in the Councils at the President’s Office
35. To ensure transparency of appointments in and work of the presidential administration
36. Transparency and clear rules about citizenship and amnesty
37. To stand up for the interests of Bulgarians living abroad and maintain an active dialog with them
38. Before visits across the country to organize “a mobile reception room” of the presidential administration for a direct contact with citizens
39. To continue the Bulgarian Christmas fundraising campaign
40. To hold regular meetings with national and regional media, including foreign media correspondents accredited in Bulgaria, to provide information about meetings taking place in the President’s Office.


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