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PM Gruevski calls citizens to not succumb to provocations

21. April 2012. | 04:18

Source: MIA

The police are rather motivated to find those who murdered five young people, doing their best to apprehend and bring them to justice, the PM said. He is certain that their efforts will bring results, but they need time.

 Do not succumb to an atmosphere somebody else wish to create for us and restrain from declaring guilty entire ethic groups. If murderers are of Macedonian origin it doesn't mean that all Macedonians are guilty, and vice versa, if they are Albanians it doesn't mean that all Albanians are to be blamed...Such attitude is a desire of those who don't wish for Macedonia's prosperity. Those who committed the murder should be brought to justice, as such monsters are present in many countries, Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski said late Thursday at a meeting with citizens of Skopje settlement Aerodrom.

The police are rather motivated to find those who murdered five young people, doing their best to apprehend and bring them to justice, the PM said. He is certain that their efforts will bring results, but they need time.

"I have noticed that many individuals and politicians make attempts to spread speculations, stir up unrest among citizens and interethnic tensions. I am certain a time will come when the murderers will be found, and regardless of their ethnic origin, will be brought to justice and regret for what they did," Gruevski said.

Referring to the name issue and Greece's opposition to Macedonia's Euro-Atlantic integration, Gruevski said the Government has been doing everything in its power not only to keep on with reforms, but also to resolve the (name) problem. We have been seeking allies in the process, he said, pointing out that the law is also on Macedonia's side under the ruling of The Hague-based International Court of Justice.

"We shall keep seeking for a solution before and after the (NATO Summit) in Chicago. NATO, EU membership remain our goals, but we must be cautious what kind of solution is to be found. Citizens will have the final word on this matter at a referendum," Gruevski said.

Speaking about the fight against crime and corruption, Gruveski mentioned the operations 'Snake Eye', 'Detonator'...

The non-selective combat against these acts is a new value, which is not going to alter with an arrival of any new government, as the incumbent one has been changing the standards on Macedonia's political scene, he said.

Gruevski also reaffirmed his cabinet's commitment to Macedonia's economic prosperity, saying that the government's policies have substantially mitigated the consequences of the crisis. In this respect Gruevski mentioned that Macedonia was listed as the fourth low-debt country in Europe, with debt -GDP ratio of 26 percent. He also pointed out the World Bank Doing Business Report, which has been declaring Macedonia as top reformer for five years in a row.

"We felt the global, and now we are feeling Europe's debt crisis, but I wish to assure you that Macedonia has been among the most successful countries in dealing with the situation, something that is also acknowledged by the international institutions," Gruevski said.


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