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Qubi Macedonia introduces new product

21. December 2007. | 11:19

Promoted insurance policy on responsibility of medical mistake
Yesterday the insurance company “Qubi Macedonia” promoted the first insurance policy on responsibility for a mistake by the health employees in Macedonia. Even with the greatest rate of responsibility by the doctor or the health institutions, there is always risk of some factors that objectively are out of professional control, affecting the successfulness of the doctors’ intervention or the institutions’ care. What’s more, there could be direct consequences to worsening the patient’s health, body injury or even a death. With this policy, “Qubi Macedonia” obliges to cover the damage requests, take over the defense of the ungrounded or exaggerated requests for damage compensation, lead the dispute in the name of the beneficiary and cover the expenses for court procedure. On the other hand, “QUBI” will not compensate intentional or unprofessionally caused damage, esthetic or cosmetic interventions, dishonest behavior by the beneficiary. This insurance policy on responsibility for mistake of health employees, offers an opportunity for the individuals and private entities in the area of health services to be insured. (Nova Macedonia)


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