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"Butmir Process" to be continued...

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International representatives said that a significant step forward has been made as Bosnian officials have demonstrated their resolve to take part in Euro-Atlantic integration. On the other hand, local officials described the talks as a failure.

Hot autumn in new Europe

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Failure of the minor government in Romania and increased political instability threaten to jeopardize this country’s agreement with the IMF and other financial institutions on obtaining a loan of 20 billion Euros.

New 20 A/H1N1 cases confirmed in Bulgaria

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Another 20 A/H1N1/ flu virus cases have been confirmed in Bulgaria in the last seven days

SEE Defense Ministerial opens in Sofia

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The annual Meeting of the Ministers of Defence of South-Eastern Europe opened in Sofia Wednesday morning. The forum is held during the Bulgarian chairmanship of the South-Eastern Europe Defence Ministerial (SEDM) process.State Secretary of the Ministry of Defence Dusan Spasojevic

The first swine flu case in a school in Bucharest

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.Doctors confirmed the first swine flu case in a school in Bucharest, namely school number 146 in Panduri, Romanian news agency Mediafax informs. Authorities took immediate actions to close the classroom.

"Missile Defense Plan" designed to meet growing threat to Europe

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Beginning in 2011, the new missile defense architecture will feature deployments of sea- and land-based missile interceptors, primarily upgraded versions of the U.S. Navy’s existing Standard Missile-3 (SM-3), and a range of sensors in Europe to defend against the growing

Macedonian Airlines to begin operations in spring 2010

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Macedonian Airlines will begin operations by end-March, early April, Stavros Daliakas, general commercial manager of Olympic Air said on Wednesday.

11th Greek-Turkish business conference to be held in Athens

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The 11th Greek-Turkish Business Conference will take place in Athens on Feb. 4, 2010, hosted by the Greek-Turkish Athens Chamber of Commerce (ETEE) and the Greek-Turkish Business Cooperation Council (SETES) in cooperation with the Izmir Chamber and the Chambers of Aegean coastal


19. October - 25. October 2009.