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Gazprom CEO names chairman of South Stream project

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The head of the Dutch Gasunie company, Marcel Kramer, has been named chairman of the board of directors and executive director of the South Stream gas pipeline project, Russia's gas giant Gazprom CEO Alexei Miller announced on Saturday.

Europe 2020 finalised

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As regards Europe 2020, with its five quantified headline targets, the member states will over the coming months discuss how specific policies can be mobilised to unlock the growth potential of the European Union, starting with innovation and energy policies. Investment in research

St Petersburg economic forum yields 5 bln euro worth of contracts

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Russian companies have signed contracts worth five billion euro and more contracts are expected to signed with French partners, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev on Saturday summing up the results of the two-day St. Petersburg International Economic Forum

The"First Regional Turkish-Greek Business Forum" held in Edirne

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Turkey's Industry & Trade Minister Nihat Ergun; Greek Deputy Minister of Economy, Competitiveness and Shipping Markos Bolaris; undersecretaries; governors; and chairmen of chambers; and businessmen of the two countries are participating in the first regional Turkish-Greek

FYRMacedonia and Russia sign clearing debt agreement

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Macedonian Deputy PM and Finance Minister Zoran Stavreski and Deputy Russian Finance Minister Dmitry Pankin Saturday in Moscow signed US$60 million clearing debt agreement.

Explosion in Istanbul metro station

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The explosion was heard in Istanbul's Taksim Square metro station and many people were seen rushing out, even as thick smoke came out from inside the station, Xinhua quoted a local source as saying.


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