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Fatmir Sejdiu visits Turkey

04. February 2010. | 11:57

Source: EMportal

Sejdiu thanked Turkey and said that he hoped Turkey would continue to support further recognitions of Kosovo and its membership in EU and NATO.

During an official visit to Turkey, Kosovo President Fatmir Sejdiu was met with high state honours and assured of the country’s continuing support for Kosovo.

Sejdiu thanked Turkey and said that he hoped Turkey would continue to support further recognitions of Kosovo and its membership in EU and NATO.

Turkish President Abdullah Gul said that Turkey supports the efforts of Kosovo authorities to reestablish law and order in the north, and called on the countries of the Balkans region to build good neighbourly relations.

“Turkey sees Kosovo as its sister because we have a strong Turkish community there, and this plays a bridging role between the two countries,” said Gul.

Turkish Prime Minister, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, promised Kosovo President Fatmir Sejdiu, that his government would encourage Turkish investments in Kosovo, in order to intensify economic cooperation between the two countries.

Concrete forms of cooperation between both countries were discussed during the meeting between Erdogan and Sejdiu held in Ankara, in particular in the field of economy, education, culture, etc.

Prime Minister Erdogan said that his country would continue to provide scholarships for Kosovar students, in basic research level as well as for master and PHD studies.

Prime Minister Erdogan assured President Sejdiu said his country will be a partner in Kosovo's economic growth through investment and trade exchanges.

President Sejdiu assured Turkish authorities that foreign investments in Kosovo are protected by laws that are compatible with the highest standards of the European Union.

President Sejdiu said that Kosovo's independence has created stability in the region and has opened the road to foreign investments which are constantly growing.

“The people and institutions of Kosova highly appreciate the role that Turkey has played during the period that led to the freedom and independence of our country”, the President of Republic of Kosova, Dr. Fatmir Sejdiu, said during a meeting with the Turkish Prime Minister, Mr. Rexhep Taip Erdogan in Ankara.

“There are strong historic and cultural ties between Kosova and Turkey and these ties will be strengthened in the future, because the will exist on both sides”, President Sejdiu said. He thanked Prime Minister Erdogan for the support that he personally and the Government of Turkey have provided to Kosova, especially during the process that has led to the independence of our country.

On the other hand, Prime Minister Erdogan assured President Sejdiu that the Turkish diplomacy will continue to engage earnestly in promoting Republic of Kosova’s speedy accession to international institutions. He also reaffirmed the readiness of Republic of Turkey to engage in ensuring further international recognition of Kosova’s independence by the members of the Organization of Islamic Conference in particular, on which Turkey can exert an influence.

The meetings discussed concrete ways to boost cooperation between the two countries, with particular emphasis on fields of economy, education, culture, etc. Prime Minister Erdogan said his country will continue to grant scholarships to students of Kosova, starting with Bachelor up to the level of Master and Doctorate studies.

Prime Minister Erdogan attached a special importance to Turkish investments in Kosova, promising he would encourage Turkish businesses to increase their presence in Kosova.

The meeting reconfirmed that all opportunities exist to strengthen further the brotherly relations between the two countries and that the Turkish community in Kosova and the people of Kosova origin living in Turkey constitute a bridge and a steady foundation to the future of these relations.


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