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Milosavljevic: Investments into trade amount to EUR2 bln

22. February 2010. | 10:03

Source: Beta

Serbian Trade Minister Slobodan Milosavljevic said that over EUR2 billion has been invested into the trade sector in Serbia in the past 10 years.

Serbian Trade Minister Slobodan Milosavljevic said that over EUR2 billion has been invested into the trade sector in Serbia in the past 10 years.

"These are investments of both domestic and foreign commercial chain enterprises. Of all the foreign chain enterprises, the German company Metro invested the most, around EUR152 million, and another EUR30 to 50 million is to arrive in 2010," Milosavljevic stated in an interview to Biznis magazine.

Speaking about prices on the Serbian market, Milosavljevic stressed that "perhaps the prices of brand textile products are a bit higher here than in other countries."

"Surely, there needs to be a reduction of prices, but it is certain that the prices of food products and household chemicals are lower here than in the region, including the CEFTA market and EU countries such as Bulgaria, Hungary and Romania," he said.

Milosavljevic added that in 2009, a drop in retail trade in Serbia amounted to at least six percent, stating that this is the first drop in the past nine years.

According to him, so far the highest growth rate in trade has been between two and 2.5 times larger than the growth of the gross domestic product, i.e. around 12.6 percent.

"It is now that we are feeling the crisis in the trade sector, but none of the big commercial chains have given up doing business in Serbia due to the crisis," Milosavljevic underlined.


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