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Koha Ditore: Russians administer the north

27. September 2010. | 06:57

Source: Koha Ditore

Koha Ditore reports that the four missionaries from Russia, one from Ukraine, one Serb from Croatia and one official with a South Slavic last name, but with German nationality, are the UNMIK staff in north of Kosovo.

Koha Ditore reports that the four missionaries from Russia, one from Ukraine, one Serb from Croatia and one official with a South Slavic last name, but with German nationality, are the UNMIK staff in north of Kosovo.

Sources of the newspaper have explained that all of them have good relations with Serb parallel structures. Vladimir Anokhin from Russia is the officer in charge of the Head of UNMIK Administration in north of Mitrovica, Lilia Galieva, is also from Russia, is municipal representative of UNMIK in Leposavic. The third Russian official there is Vladimir Gromov. The last one is a municipal representative in Zvecan.

Sources of Koha Ditore have explained that the three Russians, have also an advisor. Andrei Efimov, who is coming from the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, is senior political advisor of UNMIK in the north. Together the Russians are working with three other officials. They are not from Russia, but also their identity is not from the friendly countries of Kosovo. Kozak Yaroslav from Ukraine is the municipal representative in Zvecan.

The official for civilian issues in the UNMIK presence is Mario Maglov, a Serb from Croatia. Eva Maria Velickovic is the last official working in UNMIK. She has German nationality, while her ethnicity could not be confirmed by our sources.

All of these officials, according to the newspaper sources have good cooperation with the Serb parallel structures in north of Kosovo, but better cooperation with these structures have the local staff, which in total are 120, they are working also for parallel structures, according to the sources of the newspaper.

UNMIK also has an advisory board in that part of Kosovo. The board, which should of have been consisted from the representatives of the community, is consisted of eight persons. Six of them are Serbs only one of them is Albanian and one other Bosniak.

The practice of refusing the projects, according to the sources, has begun to be more apparent after the declaration of independence, but such thing existed even before the independence, when there was the Head of UNMIK Gerrard Galluci.

This former UNMIK official have given public positions against the independence of Kosovo, while he still does it, through some analyses in Australia which he publishes on his personal blog.

Sources of the newspaper have explained that the Head of this Mission in Kosovo, Lamberto Zannier, there, does not even have control over the UNMIK officials. UNMIK Spokesman, Jacob Quinn, did not want to comment on the details of the Russian composition of UNMIK in the north.

According to him UNMIK made its stance clear towards the report of the Coordination Office for the Strategy of Implementation for the north.


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27. September - 03. October 2010.