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NBS releases the 2010 Issue of 5000-Dinar banknotes

29. November 2010. | 06:23

Source: Emg.rs

On 26 November 2010 the National Bank of Serbia has released a 5000-dinar banknote that will run in parallel circulation with the same denomination banknote issued in 2003.

On 26 November 2010 the National Bank of Serbia has released a 5000-dinar banknote that will run in parallel circulation with the same denomination banknote issued in 2003.

By contrast to other denominations from the banknote series issued by the National Bank of Serbia, there were no additional issues of the 5000-dinar banknote over the past seven years as it holds a relatively small share in total banknotes in circulation (around 10% in the nominal amount and around 1% in terms of quantity). Banknotes have their life span, and the supply of 5000-dinar notes issued in 2003 is running low.

More than 80% of these notes were withdrawn as unfit for circulation, and a bulk of those withdrawn were later on destroyed. Additional issue is necessary to ensure smooth cash payment operations and to replace the 5000-dinar banknotes that are unfit for circulation.

The new 5000-dinar banknote basically preserves the artwork featured by the one issued in 2003 – the predominant motif on the front is the portrait of Slobodan Jovanović, while the back of the banknote shows his figure.

The features of the new banknote, however, are slightly changed from the 2003 issue, more specifically:

on the front of the banknote

1. the position and the form of the kip effect and OVI elements are changed;

on the back of the banknote

1. the year of issue (2010) and governor’s signature are changed;
2. the logo of the National Bank of Serbia is replaced with the Great Coat-of-Arms of the Republic of Serbia;
3. the year of issue and governor’s signature are no longer below the logo of the National Bank of Serbia, but in the right part of the white area;
4. lettering (handwriting of S. Jovanović) in intaglio print is added in the central part of the banknote;
5. the serial number is placed between the Great Coat-of-Arms of the Republic of Serbia and the value numeral, instead to the right of the value numeral;
6. Cyrillic lettering “Narodna banka Srbije – Zavod za izradu novčanica i kovanog novca Topčider“ (National Bank of Serbia – Institute for Manufacturing Banknotes and Coins Topčider) is now placed above the upper edge of the fully printed area instead of directly above its lower edge.


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29. November - 05. December 2010.