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Serbia starts negotiations on CERN membership

22. December 2010. | 07:18

Source: Emg.rs

Djelic told at a news conference at the Serbian government that the membership negotiations will last one year, after which Serbia will get the status of associate member, and it will become a full member of CERN within two to five years.

Deputy Prime Minister for European Integration and Minister of Science and Technological Development Bozidar Djelic said today that Serbia is starting negotiations on membership in the European Organisation for Nuclear Research (CERN) and pointed out that membership in this organisation will be of great importance for development of science in Serbia.

Djelic told at a news conference at the Serbian government that the membership negotiations will last one year, after which Serbia will get the status of associate member, and it will become a full member of CERN within two to five years.

He said that the beginning of membership talks is a great day for Serbia, adding that accession to CERN is very important because this organisation is conducting the greatest scientific experiment in human history - construction of Large Hadron Collider accelerator, in which 40 Serbian scientists are participating.

Djelic noted that in addition to Serbia, the countries that will also start membership talks are Slovenia, Cyprus, Israel and Turkey.

President of the Commission for Cooperation with CERN Petar Adzic thanked the Serbian government for the support it has given to scientists, adding that membership in CERN is not only an opportunity for physicists, but for all other scientists dealing with biomedicine, engineering and IT.

Representative of the Institute for Physics Marija Milosavljevic-Vranjes underlined that CERN membership will give an opportunity to young scientists from Serbia to take part in major international research projects.

The Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia was one of the 12 founders of CERN in 1954, but it left the organisation in 1961.

CERN has 20 members and around 30 countries cooperate with this centre in Geneva.


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24. December 2010. 07:13:42

| jme0598


The problem with CERN's LHC is one of amplitude. Earth's ability to manage energy has been hurt by global warming so that rather than excess, typically heat, related energy being able to radiate out away from planet to outer space, to release it from the earth, heat and related energies are in effect, trapped under the thick insulating blanket that pollution driven global warming has created. Consequently, effect is like a pipe that has too much fluid being pushed through it- hence the blowouts at weak points in Earth's crust by way of sinkholes appearing in recent years in Guatemala and Germany, as a result of literally an underground explosions brought about by huge volumes of energy released into Earth's crust by way of CERN's activities, that the Earth is unable to properly adsorb and manage by way of normal activities. Earth cannot manage the extra energy load so as with a lightning bolt, energy released from CERN's activities is literally just running through the Earth's crust and deeper, related layers closer to the core, and then blowing out at the surface at weak points.
The sad part about this is that CERN apparently is just a bunch of people who all they care about is saying what people need to hear so they can get their projects approved- and then sticking countries like Guatemala and Germany with the consequences of what amounts to CERN’s greed. Next thing you know, one of these days we shall see blowouts in things like oil fields where drilling is occurring, and that includes hitting utility centers in major cities and blowing those out, leaving those cities messed up for some time to come after that. If CERN's LHC gets cranked up to full power it is almost certain to blow out things like California, and Hawaii, so what started out as nice places to live, and we will all be able to watch places such as these fall into the sea. Then, as CERN continues with its activities, and more underground explosions occur, life as we know it will come to an end as the oil supply is disrupted so we no longer have the fuel we need to transport food to be able to get access to it to eat it and although we will have water, it will be polluted and not drinkable, because the machines that are needed to clean it will be unable to run. So no water and no food.


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