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Presidential election on May 6

Tadic: "I am still the President today and tomorrow"

04. April 2012. | 11:41 19:16

Source: Emg.rs, Tanjug

Serbian President Boris Tadic announced Wednesday that he has decided to cut his term short so that a presidential election could be held on May 6. He said the election would be difficult, but also give people an opportunity to choose which path they want the country to take.

Serbian President Boris Tadic announced Wednesday that he has decided to cut his term short so that a presidential election could be held on May 6.

"I will run in the election with a lot of optimism, due to the positive trends in our country," Tadic told reporters.

He said the election would be difficult, but also give people an opportunity to choose which path they want the country to take.

"I propose a path of European integration and preserving the country's integrity," said Tadic.

"We will not recognize Kosovo," he reiterated.

"I am still the president today and tomorrow," said Tadic.

He said he would send a letter to Serbian parliament Speaker Slavica Djukic Dejanovic on Thursday, who will then call presidential elections for May 6, the same day as the parliamentary and local elections.

The president's term of office ends when he sends the letter to the parliament speaker.

"I have not been postponing this decision and I do not expect problems with the Socialist Party of Serbia," said Tadic.

He noted that political reforms would be stalled if the elections were held on different dates, and that the citizens he has met with recently have also told him it would be better not to stretch out the process over the entire year.

"Now no one can accuse me of not wanting to let go of my seat," Tadic joked, but added he is confident of winning.

He said economic reform would be the focal point of his campaign.

"There are no institutions in Serbia which should not be involved in economic reforms. We will continue our policy of preserving macroeconomic stability, improving the competitiveness of our products in foreign markets and raising employment," Tadic explained.

The president said he would respect all his rivals, because he sees elections as a sport game.

Election to be called upon Tadic's official notice

Serbian Parliament Speaker Slavica Djukic Dejanovic stated Wednesday that she will call the presidential election after she receives the Serbian president's official notice about his decision to shorten his term, and that she does not expect it to happen today.

She noted that she is obliged to call the presidential election by April 7, if it was to be held on May 6, together with the parliamentary, provincial and local ones.

Djukic-Dejanovic also pointed out that Serbian President Boris Tadic's decision to cut short his term is no surprise.

According to the Law on President of the Republic, the President shall file his written resignation to the National Assembly, and his term of office ceases once the resignation arrives in the parliament.

The president is due to inform the public about his resignation, and may even provide an accompanying explanation.

If the president files a resignation, thus terminating his mandate prematurely, the elections shall be called in a manner providing that they are held not later than three months from the day when the term of office of the President of the Republic ends.

From the day of calling the elections until the polling day no less than 30 and no more than 60 days may elapse.

The mandate of the President of the Republic lasts five years and the President cannot be appointed to the post more than two times.

However, Tadic can seek the next mandate given that according to the Serbian Constitution from 2006, the current mandate is his first one.

When it comes to presidential candidates, they can be proposed by registered political parties, coalitions and groups of citizens, which can be established in accordance with a written agreement by at least 10 voters, with signatures verified by court.

The nomination of the candidate may be submitted only if it is supported by at least 10 000 signatures verified by court.

April 6 is the deadline by which the presidential elections should be called in order to be held on May 6, at the same time with the parliamentary and local ones. According to the regular procedure, the presidential elections should have been called by November 18, 2012 and held by January 17, 2013 at the latest.

According to the Law on Election of the President of the Republic of Serbia, the elections shall be called 90 days prior to the end of the term of office of the incumbent President of the Republic, and concluded not later than 60 days from the day of calling the elections.


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