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From branding Serbia to Serbia as a brand

11. February 2008. | 16:48

Source: EMportal

The Minister for Diaspore Milica Čubrilo,  underlined the significance of the diaspore in the world, which is, according to unofficial data, between 3 to 4 million

On the last day of the Brand Fair 4, on Saturday February 9th, a round table conference was organized on the topic: ″From branding Serbia to Serbia as a brand″, on which participants were: from the Ministry of trade and services Mihajlo Vesović, assistant of the Minister, Milenko Nikić, the State secretary; dr Goran Petković, State secretary for tourism in the Ministry of economics and regional development; Minister of Diaspore Milica Čubrilo, Jose Felipe Torres, CEO Bloom Consulting; Ivan Tasovac, director of the Belgrade Philharmony and member of the Council for branding Serbia; as well as the moderators, prof.dr Branko Maričić from the Faculty of Economy in Belgrade and Mijat Lakićević, editor – in – chief of the Economist magazine.

The subject of the debate on the round table were the steps necessary to be taken in order to begin the branding process for Serbia as well as building the Serbian brand in the right direction.

The Minister for Diaspore, Milica Čubrilo, who was the first spokesman, talked about the significance of the diaspore in the world, which is, according to unofficial data, between 3 to 4 million; as well as that for our people living abroad is necessary to return trust in Serbia and enable them in that way to become the ambassadors of their own state in the world.

The Minister Čubrilo spoke about the activities of the Ministry which are taken in order to recover or, as she put it, ″fish out″ the successful individuals of the diaspore in the world, who are often not members of Serbian clubs, but can encourage positive association of Serbia.

She listed as an example Ana Sokolović, composer of opera music, who lives in Montreal and was financed by the Canadian government.

While she was in Canada, the Minister met with her, offering cooperation and help from Serbian government, because such people make positive image of Serbia in the World.

She pointed out the fact that successful individuals from Serbia are the best representatives of our country and we need to invest and tightly cooperate with them.


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