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Mišković third richest in national GDP terms

27. May 2008. | 09:33

Source: B92, Politika

Delta Holding owner Miroslav Mišković’s wealth amounts to 0.35 percent of Serbia’s GDP, and in this respect,
makes him the third richest man in the world.

In the Top Ten list of richest men, according to their share of their native country’s GDP, Mišković, with a private wealth of USD 2bn is in third place, writes Slovenian business daily Finance.

Finance bases its list on both Forbes magazine’s rich list, and the Eastern European scale of Poland's Vprost magazine.

Although the list is not a real reflection of the wealth of the world’s top ten, and differs considerably from the actual state of things, it is nonetheless a demonstrative illustration of their power—not just in financial terms—in their native countries, says Zagreb daily Jutarnji List.

The paper notes that Mexican telephone magnate Carlos Slim and Mišković, despite their disparity in real terms (USD 60bn opposed to USD 2bn) are very similar in terms of political power, and their ubiquitousness in their countries’ commercial lives.


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