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Modern shopping mall and luxury hotel in Belgrade downtown

Investor ABD d.o.o. commences work at the Rajićeva Street location

28. August 2008. | 22:42 08:33

Source: EMportal

The complex will be constructed upon the highest global standards, and visitors will have a unique opportunity to enjoy the view of the city and the Kalemegdan Park.

In accordance with the Certificate of Registration of works, obtained from the Ministry of Infrastructure, ABD d.o.o. has commenced preparation works for the construction of a shopping mall, a luxury hotel, and garages at the location in Rajićeva Street, near Kalemegdan.

The prep phase includes cleansing of the location, relocation of the existing utility fixtures and construction of supporting walls. This phase will last for about six months, to be followed by the commencement of the complex construction works. This modern complex will comprise the shopping mall, the first five-star hotel in downtown, with the capacity of 240 hotel units, and underground garages. ABD will invest around EUR100 million into this project and several hundreds of people will be employed in the shopping mall and the hotel.

Upon the Construction Approval Certificate, construction of the complex covering the total area of 46,000 square metres is planned in the first phase. The original architectural project has been designed by renowned architects Milan Lojanica, an Academy member, and Vladimir Lojanica, an associate professor, who won at a public architectural contest. The project has been devised in compliance with requests of modern complexes on one hand, and the area where it is located ad historical heritage of the environment on the other.

The shopping mall is expected to be opened in 2011. Owing to this investment, the capital will obtain the most sophisticated and luxurious shopping mall and hotel in downtown. The complex will be constructed upon the highest global standards, and visitors will have a unique opportunity to enjoy the view of the city and the Kalemegdan Park.

“For Ashtrom from Israel and ABD, the project in Rajićeva Street represents one of the most significant projects of the group and it has focused huge resources, investments and attention on it. We believe that diversity of this modern complex will satisfy needs of both the local population and numerous tourists, visitors of the capital,” said Meir Avital, a partner and a representative of Ashtrom.

Simultaneously with prep works, the third phase of archeological surveys at this location will be deployed. The first and the second exploration phase have been conducted under supervision of the Cultural Heritage Preservation Institute of Belgrade. There have been no significant findings in the course of the surveys, only small items and coins, which will be exhibited in a museum.

The third phase of archeological exploration will be supervised by experts from the Cultural Heritage Preservation Institute of Belgrade.Investor ABD d.o.o. has a right to use the construction land in accordance with the agreement and approvals issued by responsible authorities. Local subcontractors will be engaged at the complex construction. Local LHR is engaged on all prep works.

ABD d.o.o. is part of Ashtrom International, the largest private construction company in Israel. With more than 40 years of experience and 5,000 employees, this company successfully deploys projects across the world and is one of the most successful global concerns in this sector.

Since 1969, Ashtrom International has been executing capital infrastructure projects at several continents. Its strength and experience are confirmed by building business complexes, hotels, residential facilities, airports, bridges, ports, and roads.


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28. January 2011. 12:09:08

| tika todorovic


Bravo!To je prava stvar za Beograd.Na pravom mestu prava gradjevina koja ce ulepsati Beograd.Sve cestitke za veliko zalaganje da konacno krenu radovi i da Beograd jedan od najluksuznijih sadrazaja na ulazu na kalemegdansku tvrdjavu.


15. August - 21. August 2011.