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US$ 64.5mn from USAID

14. February 2007. | 12:04 15:56

The U.S. Agency for the International Development (USAID) will invest US$ 46.5mn in MEGA and SCOPES projects in Serbia.
The U.S. Ambassador to Belgrade Michael C. Polt signed an agreement with the representatives of the 11 municipalities where the projects will be implemented. Polt said that since the Serbian citizens were mostly interested in new jobs, the USAID decided to help creating them. The SCOPES aims at planning and reacting in crisis situations and boosting economic stability. Within this project, the business plans’ competition dubbed Fulfil Your Dream will be carried out in the next six months. It would cost US$ 20mn and last five years. It should help the unemployed, young experts and small and medium-size firms with intriguing projects, first of which will be chosen in May. The MEGA project aims at promoting investments.


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