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SEAF Looks Where to Invest EUR24mn

14. February 2007. | 14:41 15:56

The Washington-based SEAF, a global investment fund, plans to invest a maximum of EUR 24mn into 15 companies in Serbia, Montenegro and Macedonia.
Ivan Cakarevic, the Fund’s Director, said that the SEAF was ready to invest between EUR 300,000 and EUR 1.6mn in each of the companies. He elaborated that the money would go to the private companies with a domestic majority capital and with a potential for fast and dynamic development, adding that no money would go to the companies under the process of privatization or those trading shares at the stock exchange. The SEAF works under the “private equity” principle, i.e. it invests into a company and gets a part of the ownership. It gets funds from the international investors such as EBRD, IFC, USAID, SECO, and FMO, advances it to companies and becomes a partner with 25 – 49 percent, Cakaravic said. The Fund, established in Washington in 1989, opened a rep office in Belgrade four months ago placing the markets of Serbia, Montenegro and Macedonia under its jurisdiction. It operates in 20 countries world-wide and has so far invested over US$ 500,000,000 into 250 companies.


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