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16. February 2007. | 16:00 16:01

The companies trading in the Belgrade Stock Exchange do not seem to be doing too well.
Beosped’s shares fell by 40 percent in the first three days of trading and are now at EUR 8.9 per share. The total offer of shares was at around 4,000, while the demand did not exceed 200. Opovo’s Agricultural company Agros fared similarly. The value of the company’s shares, traded in since the start of the year, fell by 20 percent to EUR 2.3, with minimal trade of about EUR 37.8. There was no interest in Prijepolje chemical plant Elan’s shares in the15 days they traded, although around 25,000 shares were on offer daily. The pensioners who initiated the company’s listing in the stock exchange are said to be offering their shares.


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