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Serbian Companies in Kosovo

20. February 2007. | 11:51 16:33

A branch of the Serbian Business Registers Agency opened in the northern Kosovo province’s town of Kosovska Mitrovica, mostly populated by local Serbs, the first time any state institution entered Kosovo after it fell under the UN rule in 1999.
Agency’s director Dragisa Okololisanov said that determining the exact number of Serb companies doing business in the province will be one of its principal goals. According to the available Kosovo Economic Team data, there are approximately 500 companies in the Serb-majority municipalities, 350 of which submit annual reports to the National Bank of Serbia . There are also some 100 micro-enterprises operating in Kosovo, all registered with the Agency. With 500 entrepreneurs working in the Leposavic and Zvecan areas, the total number of companies doing business in Kosovo reaches 1000.


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