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NS Seme Exports to Croatia

21. February 2007. | 15:45 20:19

The Institute for Crop and Vegetable Farming located in the northern Serbian town of Novi Sad will once again enter the Croatian market, the Institute’s director, Petar Sekulic says.
“This year, we plan to place approximately 1,000 tons of soy seeds in the Croatian market”, he added. “We started with soy, and will continue with corn, considering that the first of our hybrids has recently been registered in Croatia. We expect growth in the coming years, and will also start with the seed production in that country.” Sekulic also said that NS Seme (NS Seeds) was a leader in the Bosnia-Herzegovina market where farmers used the Novi Sad seeds and hybrids on some 80 percent of total sown crop fields. The situation in Macedonia was similar, with a 70 percent market share, equal to that company’s standing in Serbia itself.


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