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Jat Airways 2006 Posts EUR 4mn in Profits

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The Serbian flag carrier Jat Airways has in 2006 made a profit of approximately EUR 4mn, company sources have said unofficially.

Air France Links City with Europe

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Air France-KLM plans to introduce flights between London City Airports and leading European financial centres.

Belgrade’s First Casino in June

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Casinos Austria International will open its casino in Belgrade by the end of June, at the Hotel Jugosalvija, investing EUR 60mn.

NS Seme Exports to Croatia

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The Institute for Crop and Vegetable Farming located in the northern Serbian town of Novi Sad will once again enter the Croatian market, the Institute’s director, Petar Sekulic says.

Wal-Mart Profits at US$ 3.94bn

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U.S. retail giant Wal-Mart has posted an 8.8 percent rise in profits in the fourth quarter of the business year.

Volkswagen Doubles Profits

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Volkswagen carmaker has more than doubled its net profits last year as a result of good sales.

Heineken’s Profit Increases by 59%

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The Dutch brewery Heineken recorded a 59 percent rise in profits last year, while its net profits in the first half of 2006 reached US$ 557mn, the company has announced.

Nis Airports Awaits Low Cost

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The southern Serbian Nis airport management is looking forward to cooperating with foreign low cost companies.

Ipko Net – Kosovo’s New Operator

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Kosovo’s Telecommunications Agency has issued the second mobile telephony license in the UN-administered southern Serbian province to Ipko Net and Telekom Slovenia.

Serbian Tourism Surplus at US$ 60mn

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Serbian Tourism Organization Director Miodrag Popovic said that a surplus in excess of US$ 60mn was expected for the last year.

Mobilkom Austria Still Interested in BiH

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Mobilkom Austria continues to show interest in the Bosnia-Herzegovina (BiH) market, Telekom Austria CEO Boris Nemsic said, adding that the company still stands a chance of purchasing BH Telekom.

Citigroup Sells Hungarian OTP Shares

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One of the leading American financial company Citigroup will sell Hungary’s leading OTP Bank shares, an unnamed broker has said, Bloomberg reported.


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