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Kalinic arrives in Belgrade, placed in Special Court prison M. Dzurinda: Slovakia against recognition of Kosovo EU ratings at risk on economy, austerity - Moody Moldova: Police find nearly two kilos of uranium in smuggler's garage U.S. guarantees safety of poultry exports to Russia EU clears MetLife takeover of AIG unit ECRI: Anti-Gypsyism should be effectively combated in all European countries. 3 Bulgarian face murder charges Greek banks under pressure to merge Summer crowd on Croatian roads Dubrovnik 4th most desirable destination for autumn holidays Bulgaria: Private health insurers grow customer base Lower end-of-summer prices in hotels along Northern Black Sea coast BH Telecom’s profit grows by 4.8 per cent IMF delegation in visit to Banja Luka Grossruck on June 28 Elections: Oppositions are baseless Three pillars of Albanian Diplomacy presented SP: Prifti should explain the Euro 1.8 mln Rehn: Greece will overcome crisis Greece: Another West Nile virus fatality reported Slovenian Grah factory begins production in November Kosovo: Up to 3.000 Euros for Belgrade resident status Unions demand continued payment of Kosovo bonuses Bosnia prints names of 8,000 election candidates Taxi drivers go on strike on September 1 KFOR: Kosovo police take charge of protection of Gracanica Ivanovic: Serbia distrusts KPS Ponos: We do not want conflicts with EU, but resolution stays NIS on Stock Exchange to have positive effect German investments in Serbia require stable conditions Only one draft resolution on Kosovo for now Azerbaijan to support Serbian resolution on Kosmet Wall of the Serb returnee’s house in Zas torn down again Dacic, Bogdanovic to meet with UNMIK chief Dacic to visit special anti-terrorist unit in Batajnica Djelic on visit to Svilajinac, Cuprija, Paracin Resolving wastewater problem in Serbia China plane crashes, 43 dead, 53 in hospital

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Inflation rate will overshoot nine percent in 2007

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Experts say that the inflation rate for 2007 in Serbia will exceed nine percent.

EU to initial the SAA B-H today

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The first step to the EU membership will be set

Serbian-Bulgarian project for winter tourism proposed

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Serbia is ready to invest in the project and make the resort suitable to host winter Olympics.

Serbia at the lowest mark due to low transition progress

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According to a EBRD report for 2007, Serbia deserves the lowest mark in the region for the progress made in transition.

New prices of milk

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Imlek, Mljekara Subotica and Novosadska mljekara have raised the wholesale prices of milk and dairy products

Export of car tires and import of oil dominate Serbia’s trade

10:24 18:41 | broj komentara 0

Serbia’s top export product was car tires, with the value of USD 33 million

DIS opens EUR 5m trade centre

10:25 18:41 | broj komentara 0

Dis opened in Krusevac its new trade centre spanning over 4.000 square metres.

“Direct Group" to have logistic center built in Zemun - 8m EUR

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Direktna grupa, has invested EUR 1.3 million in Serbia this year and plans investments worth over EUR 20 million next year.

Factory "Knauf" in Surdulica has seven times larger production of insulation materials

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With 45,000 tons of insulation materials per year, it is the biggest supplier of building industry in Serbia and in surrounding countries.

Metals banka not to merge with Agrobanka, says official

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Agrobank reported in the third quarter ’08 by 309% higher net revenues compared to the same period last year.

Russian Rosoboroneksport not giving up on Petoletka

10:29 18:41 | broj komentara 0

The first unsuccessful tender for selling Petoletka was held in June 2005, and the second was in November this year

Second auction for Loznica-based "Moda" on December 21

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"Moda" from Loznica will be offered for sale for the second time on December 21 at starting price of 10.4m RSD.

Govt gets FBiH Parliament’s support for its proposal of budget for 2008

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The proposed FBiH Budget for 2008 totals 1.746.697.278 KM.

Year of reforms and infrastructure investments

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The RS Govt submitted its annual report for the past one-year period, stating that the budget surplus amounted to BAM 1.25 billion.

B-H down by 24 places in Competitiveness index

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The World Bank's 2008 report ranked B-H 105th, among 178 countries.

Central bank: Interbank market for cash and deposited funds from January 15

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A step forward towards the establishment of a formal money market in B-H.

Projects on offer for Egyptians

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Bihac BIRA and Meggle have the best chances for marketing their products in Egypt

Raiffeisen is the best bank in B-H

10:34 18:41 | broj komentara 0

For the sixth time, Raiffeisen Bank d.d. has been proclaimed the ’08 best bank in BiH by The Banker magazine

Major achievement for a member of MIMS Group with Libyan partner

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Jafara and MIMS to produce and bottle carbonated water and soft drinks

Millions to marketers, nothing to the state

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The leading three suppliers of petrol from Turkey do not pay the 11-per cent import tariff, and sell the products at higher prices than the average ones.

Will there be natural gas in B-H, and at what cost

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The main signatory of the contract with Gazexport is Energokomerc

Brokers for selling 26 firms to be selected today

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13 brokerage companies submitted their offers for this service, at the fee of 2,000 BAM per auction and 0.37 per cent of the transaction value

Croatia: INA bonus shares to be distributed

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Those investors who did not sell shares bought in the IPO will have the right to an additional share for every ten they own, Erste Securities reports.

Croatians second in the region by wealth

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In 2009 Croatians will have EUR 10,074 of financial wealth per capita.

Alumina factory is sold

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Israeli company paid 19 million euros for loss-maker

Milk crisis in Bitola

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Retailers in Bitola daily order at least 40 litres of milk, but get only 10

New increasing of the milk price in Bitola

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The milk achieves a record price of 55 denars

New dairy plant kicks start

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Swedmilk Makedonija conquers regional markets

Cooperation between Macedonia and the United Arab Emirates

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“St. Cyril and Methodius” opens a department in Abu Dhabi

Slovenians buy attractive land in the Veles region

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Slovenian firms bought the most attractive parcels in the Veles suburb Ezero Mladost for a price three times higher than the basic.

"Turbo-institut Fero-invest" - best bidder for construction of mini-HPP in Macedonia

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Plants in the Ohrid and Struga Regions have been awarded to Slovenians through concessions

Kuwaiti company opened a European branch in Slovenia

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IPMS Integrated through Slovenia will search for investors in region

Slovenian and Croatian entrepreneurs strengthening business cooperation supported by INTERREG

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70 Croatian and Slovenian entrepreneurs met in Slovenia to establish cooperation

The highest inflation rate in Slovenia in the last 4 years

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In November, inflation in Slovenia, on an interannual level, has increased to 5.7 percent.

Imported goods slightly cheaper in October

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The decrease in prices was affected by the circumstances in the global and the home market.

UniCredit Group: Bulgarian Households Remain Net Savers Despite Surge in Debt

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Household financial assets are expected to reach 60 per cent of GDP in 2009 from 51 per cent in 2007, posting yearly average increases of 21 per cent.

5.8 pc economic growth in first nine months

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In the third quarter, GDP amounted to RON 111.345 bln. current prices, advancing by 5.7 per cent in real terms as against the same quarter of the previous year.

Raiffeisen International opens in Romania dat and payment processing centre

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The new center aims at providing services to the Group’s subsidiaries in CEE

Greece: Buy Cosmote, CCHBC says Lehman Brothers

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Lehman Brothers suggests that investors should buy stocks with high penetration in the Balkans .

ENEL to build 1300 Mw power station

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Enel will build in Albania a coal-fired TPP with a capacity of some 1,300 megawatts.

B-H: End of political crisis drives both stock exchanges

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The stock exchange indexes, saw a strong jump yesterday with the announcement of SAA initialling.

Croatia: Skinny turnover on domestic bond market

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Yesterday’s turnover on domestic bond market was reduced to merely HRK 88.6mn, considerably less than last week’s HRK 267.5mn trading volume.

LJSE: Mercator recovered, Sava further adjusted

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The week started positively on Ljubljana Stock Exchange and SBI20 index grew by 0.12% to 11,128 pts.

BSE: AIK Bank dominant again

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Following four days of continuous growth, Agrobanka adjusted its value by 2.06% and realized RSD 40mn turnover.

MSE on Monday

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33.6% of Vardar Croatia sold


03. December - 09. December 2007.