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Serbia’s EU integration takes place on three tracks

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The process of being granted EU candidate status, visa regime liberalisation and usage of IPA funds are the three phases of Serbia’s EU integration

National Bank of Serbia retained 9.5% interest rate

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NBS aims to retain base inflation in 2008 within the projected frame of 3 to 6 per cent.

Heineken to take over MB brewery early in 2008

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The company will continue to produce MB brands of beer, but will also start with the production of some licensed Heineken products.

Galeb Group opens new factory

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Sabac-based Galeb Group will on Tuesday open the new factory for producing metal packaging worth EUR 2.5 million

"Raketa's" bus station in Užice for sale on auction on December 14

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Bus platforms and ground floor of the facility will not be the subjects of the sale.

Sale of Yugoslav River Shipping (JRB) stopped

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Consortium from Malta led by "Palmali Shipping" lodged complaint


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