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Macedonia's tourist offer presented to Serbian tour operators Syria 'agrees' to peace plan deadline, Annan tells UN Bulgaria is among EU countries with fastest declining rural population Sunny Beach Resort expects more Russian tourists Statistics report: Romania's 2011 cereal production up 24 pct to 20.7 mln tonnes INS: ILO unemployment rate goes down to 7.1 percent in February 2012 New Kaufmann shopping centre opens in Zagreb Croatian economy stagnating 500 Bulgarian filling stations face closure over missing level gauges Bulgaria: January GDP amounts to EUR 9952.5 million PM Berisha consults business representatives on improvement of business climate Revitalization to improve efficiency in Kostolac Construction starts on 23km section of Corridor 10 Michelin to invest EUR 170 million in Pirot New training and combat airplane prototype unveiled Cuban medicines, vaccines for cancer to be available to patients in Serbia soon Matic appointed new member of Broadband commission for digital development Kacin: Entry talks expected at start of 2013 30,000 people in Serbia have no IDs KPS officers released,criminal charges to be filed Jeremic: More China's investments can be expected Dialogue to be resumed after new govt takes office Serbia fifth among polluters Main exports partner - Germany, imports - Russia Serbia scores USD 116.4 million surplus with CEFTA

Sejdiu, Thaci reject Serbian proposal

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The president and premier of Kosovo, Fatmir Sejdiu and Hashim Thaci, on March 25 rejected any possibility of partitioning Kosovo.

Korean formula for recognizing Kosovo

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If a more large-scale recognition of Kosovo does not happen, Kosovo could be given the status of a "customs territory," which could allow it backdoor entry into some international organizations.

"Military relations has been taken to a lower level"

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Serbian minister of defense Dragan Sutanovac says that the military cooperation with the countries that recognized Kosovo has been taken to a lower level, but it cannot be stopped.

Competition for loans in underdeveloped areas announced

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Verica Kalanovic stated that the competition for granting loans to companies and entrepreneurs in underdeveloped areas has been announced and the total amount of loans to be granted is RSD 2 billion.

GE might participate in modernisation of Serbian railways

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Director of the Serbian railways  Milanko Sarancic and head of General Electric in SEE Giuseppe Recchi discussed  yesterday about the possibility of GE taking part in the electrification of the Nis-Dimitrovgrad line.

Three bids for property of International CG

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The Serbian Privatisation Agency stated that by the deadline of March 24, three bids were submitted for the purchase of property of company International CG from Belgrade, which is in the process of restructuring.

Share Fund of Serbia to sell 70.01% of capital of PK "Sonta"

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The Share Fund of Serbia will offer the package of 70.01% of stocks of Agricultural-Production combine "Sonta" for sale on March 28.

New tender for "14. oktobar" in April

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The CEO of Kruševac-based Industry "14. oktobar", Zoran Radmanovac, said on March 24, that the new tender for sale of that company would be announced at the end of April 2008.

Successful business year of UniCredit bank

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UniCredit Bank was additionally capitalized in 2007 with 40m EUR and, due to very ambitious plans in 2008, new additional capitalizations are in the pipeline.

"Carlsberg Srbija" presented "Tuborg Lemon",

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Company "Carlsberg Srbija" has presented a new type of beer enriched with lemon, which contains 4.9% of alcohol in the bottle of 0.33 liters.

Chemical Industry increased export in 2007

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The field of chemical industry, production of rubber, plastic and minerals registered 31% larger export and 39.2% larger import in 2007.

Second economy expo in Pančevo

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Regional Chamber of Commerce of Pančevo announced  that over 50 exhibitors from Serbia, Italy, Romania and Republic of Serbia would gatherat the second economy expo.

Raiffeisen bank - the best bank in Serbia in 2007

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Magazine "Global Finance" has declared Raiffeisen bank the best bank in Serbia in 2007 for the fifth time in a row.

"Grawe" seeks location for new building

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 Austrian company "Grawe" seeks for a location for construction of a business building in Belgrade, worth about 30m EUR

"Olaf&McAteer" became part of PR network "Pleon"

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"Olaf&McAteer", one of the five leading PR agencies on Serbian market, has become part of the largest European network of PR agencies "Pleon".

"Lampsa" announced investment worth EUR 4 mln

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Greek company "Lampsa" has started to design the plan for reconstruction of hotel "Excelsior", which will cost between 3 and 4m EUR.

"Trilion" interested in construction of windmills in Jagodina

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Canadian concern "Trilion" is interested in construction of windmills for production of electricity in Jagodina, for which it got consent from the Ministry of Mining and Energy of Serbia

NBS’s measure with no effect

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The increase in the reference interest rata, the measure taken by the National Bank of Serbia ten days ago in order to maintain the stability of prices, is yet to produce any effect.

There will be no sugar for export

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Last year, Serbia exported sugar worth EUR 100 million and this year it is unlikely the export quota of 180,000 tons will be met, even if it is granted.

Djelic: How to preserve water

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Serbian Deputy Prime Minister Bozidar Djelic announced that Serbia recycles only 12 percent of water, while the objective is to reach 60 percent of recycled water in the next five years.

Hypo bank offered loans for procurement of used vehicles

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The bank approves the loans of up to 10,000 EUR, that is, 16,000 CHF, without endorsers, guarantees and obligatory Casco insurance.

Metinvest opens the first steel service center in Serbia

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Company Metinvest-SMC Beograd has been registered, as first foreign steel service trader of Metinvest Group from Ukraine, representing manufacturers of black metallurgy products on Balkan markets.

IIG doubled its business growth in 2008

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For 2008, IIG expects even stronger growth, with 19 challenging projects already at the operational phase and about 40 active projects anticipated by the year’s end.

Philips: “Make a start with lighting.”

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120 000 pcs Philips energy saving bulbs will decrease the energy consumption and the same time reduce the CO2 emission in Serbia

EFG Eurobank: More favourable terms for apartment

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Eurobank EFG has prepared new benefits for clients who decide to purchase an apartment with a loan.

"Government’s negative impact on trade"

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The country’s negative impact on trade is hurting Serbia’s financial markets, which is best depicted by the laws on foreign trade, acquisitions and securities, says Miroslav Prokopijević at the Free Market Center.

Edible oil soon to hit shops

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A shipment of edible oil is to hit the retail shops in two weeks, Trade and Services Minister Predrag Bubalo said.

Construction of Horgos-Pozega highway delayed

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DS and G17 Plus ministers shall insist  tomorrow that the beginning of works is postponed until the concessionaries secure financial assets.

Energoprojekt wins contract in Kazakhstan

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Construction company Energoprojekt Holding has signed a deal for the construction of a subway station in Kazakhstan.


24. March - 30. March 2008.