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JAT to expand collaboration with BH airlines

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Jat has declared that these two national airline companies concluded in 2006 an agreement on joint use of lines, which was the beginning of commercial collaboration.

EU: Agreement needed with U.N. on EULEX deployment

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The situation on the field could be very complicated and dangerous and include  a radicalization  because of dissatisfaction from the Albanian Side, which is requesting UNMIK to leave, as well as from the Serbian side, which does not recognize Kosovo institutions, but

EU Ministers: Serbia will be able to move forward

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In those conclusions it was stated that the Stabilization and Association Agreement and the Interim Trade Agreement will go into effect as soon as the EU Council of Ministers assesses that the government in Belgrade is fully cooperating with the Hague tribunal.

Fuel price increase postponed

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FinMin will use the legal term of seven days to respond to the request for fuel price increase, and will consider all effects of possible reduction of excise tax on fuel prices, impact on inflation as well as state incomes.

Speculative capital in Serbia?

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Investing in Serbia is a lucrative business due to high prices of capital, and it wouldn’t be so if the inflation rate increased.

Contracts for encouraging direct investment signed

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The realisation of these contracts will enable investment totalling €70,580,729 in 11 municipalities in Serbia, for which €3,324,000 in incentives have been set aside from NIP.

Serbian companies at “Real Vienna” fair in Vienna

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Last year’s fair saw a total of 196 exhibitors from 21 countries in the region, and as many as 3,800 visitors from 25 countries attended the fair. This year the number of exhibitors will be up by 20%.

Petar Drapsin offered again

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This company deals in machine industry production, with ten independent companies in its group.

Collaboration of Fonditaria and DDOR

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The Agreement stresses their efforts in securing minimum social and economic rights of employees on the entire Fonditaria group level.

Termoelektro: Contracted works for EUR 20 million

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The company that used to be famous for the installation and maintenance of energy and industrial plants in former Yugoslavia, got a new owner earlier this year, the Swiss company Comfitrade.

Treća petoletka takes ove Ishrana

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As the report published on the Belgrade market states, Treća petoletka acquired 62,01 percent share in Ishrana for 45 million dinars, i.e. 37.473 stocks per price of 1.201 dinar per share.

U.S. criticizes Kosovo for poor lobbying

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“Part of the joint American-Kosovo plan was to have 97 recognitions by September. Afterwards, Kosovo would apply for membership in the UN, when the General Assembly convenes”

Kosovo a central topic of the NATO Assembly in Berlin

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For the first time in such a high-level meeting, a Kosovo delegation  is participating.

Mišković third richest in national GDP terms

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Delta Holding owner Miroslav Mišković’s wealth amounts to 0.35 percent of Serbia’s GDP, and in this respect, makes him the third richest man in the world.

Kosovo takes part in the European Parliament session

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The delegation will take part in a meeting organised by the EP and National Assembly of Slovenia where Krasniqi is also to hold a speech.

"Medela" expects 355m RSD worth of incomes from sales

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The current market value of the company, which is a part of "Invej", amounts to 1.3 billion RSD, and its stocks on the Belgrade Stock Exchange on May 23rd were worth 20,000 RSD each.

Deadline for "Kablovi" extended

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Privatization Agency of Serbia has extended the deadline for submission of bids for procurement of Cable industry in Jagodina until June 13th and that was confirmed in the trade union of that company.

Telenor Serbia drives mobile Internet penetration with Opera Mini

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Opera Software and Telenor Serbia have partnered to offer Telenor Serbia customers the full Web experience on their mobile phones.


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