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Average monthly budget per household RSD 47,582 in fourth quarter of 2009 Commissioner for Enlargement and European Neighbourhood Policy visits Turkey Tadic: Serbia only where U.N. Resolution 1244 is respected Serbia and Hungary keep high levels of cooperation Slovenia: 1 bln Euro bond issued to deal with crisis Montenegro: Exports -41.5% in 2009 Italo-Bosnian robotics centre set up in Sarajevo “Rulings anywhere that women must wear the burqa should be condemned - but banning such dresses here would be wrong” says Commissioner Hammarberg Council of Europe publishes report on minority languages in Hungary Upgraded Greek-Albanian police pact Foreign priest arrested in Thessaloniki on int'l warrant GERB moves for opening impeachment procedure against President Purvanov Ukrainian parliament refuses to denounce ferry service agreement with Georgia and Bulgaria Kosor dismisses interpretations about early elections Visegrad Group shares its experience with Western Balkan and GUAM countries PM: Romania risks ending up like Greece if reforms don't resume Romanian IKEA Franchise was sold to Swedish group Macedonian foreign minister to pay an official visit to Kosovo EU prepares in case Greek woes spread to Spain Slovenian Govt adopts Declaration on the Western Balkans PACE Standing Committee calls Greece to recognize "Macedonian minority" EU ministers to map out Greek rescue plan BiH: New Head of the Department for organised crime appointed Eurofast Global appoints new board member New member of METRO Cash & Carry Board of Directors - Christian Hylkema Novinite.com looking to hire editor Bulgaria – leader on Russian real estate market Albania: Inflation at record hike, 4.4% UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon to visit Moscow on March 17 New wave of protests announced in Kosmet Petition on Albin Kurti’s defence, submitted to the Assembly ICJ verdict postponed Market capitalization of Stock Exchange RSD 880bn USAID, 38 Municipalities to sign MoU for Strengthening Youth Entrepreneurship Serbian-Croatian centre for combatting crime to be opened soon Empty bags February consumer prices up 0.3% month-on-month EIB approves first tranche of €10m loan for reconstruction of Gazela bridge Kosovo reports progress to IMF Kosovo, Belgium sign investment protection treaty

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Serbian companies to expand presence in the U.K. Market

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The quick adoption and rapid implementation of international standards and the introduction of new value-added products has ensured that Serbia is establishing itself as one of the most trusted exporters from South Eastern Europe.

Witness interviews postponed in Kovacevic case

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Interviews with several witnesses in the investigation of Miladin Kovacevic, charged with beating another U.S. university student, Bryan Steinhauer, were postponed indefinitely by the Second Municipal Court in Belgrade, on March 16.

Palliative care to provide better life to ageing population

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Minister of Health Tomica Milosavljevic stated that palliative care should be the right of the entire population of Serbia and not just a privilege for people who have money.

Internet access through wireless fixed telephony

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Minister for Telecommunications and Information Society Jasna Matic said that intensive work is under way in Serbia on introducing a new CDMA technology for access to the Internet via wireless fixed telephony.

Krusik might even extend the working hours

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Valjevo-based battery producer Krusik is not going to cut the working week

Delta buying 25% of Mercator

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The plan is for Delta to allow one of the large American investment funds into its Delta Maxi retail chain, through share capital increase.

EPS interested in EPCG

11:31 | broj komentara 0 | ANSAmed

The bookkeeping value of the Montenegrin Electric Enterprise, EPCG, is 992 million euro, and that the forthcoming tender for added capitalization excludes the transfer grid.

U.N., EU to secure peace in Kosovo-Metohija

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Serbian President Boris Tadic and Prime Minister Mirko Cvetkovic on March 16 called on the representatives of the United Nations and European Union missions to introduce the rule of law in Kosovo and ensure a peaceful life for all of its citizens.

Several Serb villages in Kosmet still without electricity

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Due to days-long electricity cuts, locals in those villages are on the edge of a humanitarian castastrophe and due to low temperatures, incidences of illness have increased.

MPs stopped from entering Kosmet, session postponed

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The session of the Serbian Assembly Board for Kosmet was supposed to discuss the work of the local self-governments in the Serb communities.

17/3/2004 - 17/3/2009

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Five year ago,19 people were killed in ethnic Albanian violence in Kosovo-Metohija from March 17 to 18, according to data confirmed by UNMIK and the Diocese of Raska-Prizren. Around 4,000 Kosovo Serbs were driven away from their homes, 800 houses were set on fire and 35 Serb Orthodox

Documentary film on Pogrom of Serbs in OSCE

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 The Serbian Mission with OSCE has shown a documentary film in Vienna on the occasion of the 5th anniversary since the pogrom of Serbs in Kosmet, entitled “Document of suffering”.

Germany has committed 700 Mln EUR to Serbia since 2000

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The German Ambassador, H.E. Mr. Wolfram Maas and State Secretary in the Ministry of Economy and Regional Development, Dejan Jovanovic attended the opening ceremony of the municipal Office for Local Economic Development today.

Talks with IMF Mission begin

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Talks between the International Monetary Fund Staff Mission, headed by Mr Albert Jaeger and the delegation of the Republic of Serbia, headed by Mr Radovan Jelašić, NBS Governor and Governor of the IMF for the Republic of Serbia, began yesterday in the National Bank of Serbia.

National Assembly, USAID to sign MoU today

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The Memorandum of Understanding  establishes the framework for cooperative work between the National Assembly and USAID on developing the capacity of the Assembly to improve its budget and resource management functions in line with European Union standards, and to facilitate

Dacic at 8th conference on interior and corporate security

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First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of the Interior Ivica Dacic will participate at the 8th conference on interior and corporate security in Athens from March 16 to 18.

Obradovic to open adult education conference

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The conference will be organised by the Ministry of Education and the Adult Education Association, with the help of the Institute for International Cooperation of the German Adult Education Association (DVV) and the European Training Foundation (ETF).

Djelic presents Marko Jaric Fund Award

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The award was established ten years ago and is presented on the anniversay of Professor Doctor Marko Jaric’s birth to mark his extraordinary scientific acheivements and work in physics, biophysics and applied mathematics.

Cvetkovic to meet Macedonian Parliament Speaker

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Serbian Prime Minister Mirko Cvetkovic will host Macedonian delegation, headed by Macedonian Parliament Speaker Trajko Veljanoski


16. March - 22. March 2009.