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With You and For You since 1994

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In the Health Center Dr Ristic work - 25 specialist cabinets (general medicine,cardiology, dermatology, reumatology,gynecology, neurology, urology, ORL, ultrasound cabinet, ophthalmology, pediatrics, endocrinology....) - Biochemical lab - X ray cabinet - Cabinet for physical medicine

Serbian Parliamentary Constituency Office opening in Leskovac

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The project to open Constituency Offices is supported by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID)and its implementer the National Democratic Institute, which is working in partnership with the Speaker’s Office and the Secretary General of the National

Djelic to visit Valjevo

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Djelic and Head of the European Commission Delegation to Serbia Josep Lloveras will sign a financial agreement concerning IPA programme 2008 funds of €168 million.

Milosavljevic to attend WHO conference

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The Serbian Ministry of Health stated that Minister of Health Tomica Milosavljevic will attend a World Health Organisation (WHO) European Ministerial conference titled “Health in times of global economic crisis”, which will be held from April 1 to 2 in Oslo, Norway.

Dacic attends seminar ''Visas and Border Management”

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Parliamentary representatives from Western Balkan countries will attend the seminar and Minister Dacic will speak about Serbia’s measures aimed at visa liberalisation.

German health ministry delegation to visit Belgrade

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One of the goals of the German delegation’s visit is to harmonise the text of the Memorandum of Cooperation in health care between the two countries which Serbian and German health ministers will sign in Berlin.

Kosmet Serb villages still without electricity

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Although power supply was restored to the Kosovo Serb village of Šilovo, some 6,000 Serbs from the area still do not have electricity in their homes.

Sergey Shoigu to visit Serbia

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The delegation of Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations, headed by the Minister Sergey Shoigu is visiting Serbia at the end of the week.

Pristina International Airport starts non-stop services

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PIA Management considers this decision as one of the most important ones taken in the past years, marking a huge step for the company in the field of civil aviation development and for Kosovo as a whole.

Public companies submit reports on executives’ salaries

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Serbian Prime Minister Mirko Cvetkovic announced that salaries of directors and other executives in public companies will soon be made public, affirming that all public companies have submitted reports on salaries within the deadline.

Serbia, Belarus sign free trade agreement

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Serbian Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Economy and Regional Development Mladjan Dinkic and Foreign Minister of Belarus Sergei Martynov signed yesterday a free trade agreement between Serbia and Belarus which envisages mutual removal of the customs duty and other taxes.

Serbian building companies at Moscow fair

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The Serbian national stand is in Expocentre and presents the companies Amiga (public lighting), Buck (lighting), Multicon Engineering (designing and engineering) Saga Drvo (floors), Domis (doors and windows), Feman (electricity equipment), Cini (heating), IGM Trudbenik (construction

5.4% GDP growth in 2008

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The Serbian Statistics Office stated today that the annual 2008 GDP, compared to 2007, grew by 5.4%.

January, February foreign trade falls

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The Serbian Statistics Office said that Serbia’s total foreign trade for the period between January and February 2009 amounted to $3115.7 million, falling by 35.9% against the same period in 2008, i.e. €2382 million, falling by 28% against the same period last year.

Industrial output goes down

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The Serbian Statistics Office stated today that industrial production in Serbia in February this year went down by 19.7% against February 2008 and by 21.9% against the 2008 average

Prices of goods, services up by 0.5%

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The Serbian Statistics Office stated that retail prices of goods and services in March this year increased on average by 0.5% when compared to the previous month.

NBS Hosts the 4th SEEMHN Annual Conference

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The previous three SEEMHN conferences were held under the auspices of central banks of Bulgaria (2006), Austria (2007) and Greece (2008). The 2010 conference will be held in the central bank of Turkey.

Kosovo: The electricity fares might jump for 2.5%

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Kosovo Energy Corporation (KEK) reveals that electricity debt in Kosovo since 1999 has reached EUR 360 million.

IMF conditions aid to Serbia with recognition of Kosovo

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International Monetary Fund has conditioned Serbia to recognize Kosovo independence first before any financial aid will be given, including the requested 2 billion dollars aid, writes the German daily newspaper, Die Tageszeitung.

European Commission and Serbia to sign Agreement worth €168 million

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Since 2000, the European Union has through various grant assistance programmes and credit lines provided over €2 billion to Serbia and another €1 billion has been tentatively earmarked for reform assistance for 2007 – 2011.

Usce shopping center opens in Belgrade

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The mall, including 50,000 sqm of shopping space, is made up of 150 shops, a supermarket, seven fast-food restaurants, a multiplex cinema

First Pevec Retail Centre visited by 750,000 in 100 days

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Pevec d.o.o. marked 100 days since the opening of its first PEVEC retail centre in Serbia last weekend. During this period, the Pevec shopping mall, covering the area of 40,000 square metres, had more than 750,000 visitors who came to see a vast portfolio of more than 100,000 items


30. March - 05. April 2009.