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"EU fully supports the actions of EULEX and KFOR"

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The EU fully supports the actions of EULEX and KFOR in establishing the rule of law in Kosovo and in defending a safe and secure environment.

Serbia expects no more countries to recognise Kosovo

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Jeremic told the FoNet news agency that Serbia managed to have the assessment of the legality of the unilateral declaration of independence by Kosovo-Metohija by the International Court of Justice included in the final document of last year’s NAM conference in Tehran.

Russia: violence against Kosmet Serbs unacceptable

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The official Moscow has warned that the violent actions against Serbs in Kosmet are unacceptable and once again pledged for the respect to the international law.

Some 10 thousand Serbs in Kosmet without electricity

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Several more villages in the Kosovsko Pomoravlje region has been left without electricity, so now the total of approximately 10 thousand Serbs in that part of Kosmet are without electric power.

Bogdanovic: Respect to agreement in Brdjani

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Serbian Minister of Kosmet Goran Bogdanovic has stated that the renovation of the Albanian houses in the so-called “yellow separation line” cannot begin without the consent of the Serb community.

Kosovska Kamenica: Hand grenade thrown at house of Spasic family

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 Last night a hand grenade was thrown at the house of the Serb family Spasic in the village of Domorovce, near Kosovska Kamenica in Eastern Kosmet.

Bishop Artemije: Illegal works on Gracanica estate

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Bishop Artemije requested of UNMIK Head Lamberto Zanier to stop the works immediately and determine parties responsible for usurpation of the Monastery property.

Israel stands firm on non-recognition of Kosovo independence

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Speaking in an interview for the news agency Tanjug, Ambassador Kohl said it has been more than a year since Kosovo unilaterally proclaimed independence and stressed that Israel does not recognize that independence

"Greece to recognise Kosovo independence"

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Until recently, Greek Foreign Minister, Dora Bakoyannis has been firm that her country would not recognize Kosovo.

Serbian health system prepared for emergencies

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Serbian Prime Minister Mirko Cvetkovic met yesterday with Minister of Health Tomica Milosavljevic and the Ministry of Health’s working group on pandemic influenza to discuss preventive measures against swine flu.

Piraeus Bank website among the top banking websites

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At just finished regional conference of e-trading, a member of the Program Board Mr. Vojkan Vaskovic has represented the results of quantitative assessment of websites of Serbian banks, stressing that Piraeus Bank website www.piraeusbank.co.rs is at the very top compared to the

“Trudbenik" presented new products on Belgrade Building Expo

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During Belgrade Expo, IGM „Trudbenik“ a.d. has offered its customers special discount on the whole pallete of its products, with promotional prices for buying new types of building blocks.

Cvetkovic receives Serbian inventors delegation

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Award winning inventors told the Prime Minister about their inventions including an Eco Robot for eradicating viruses and bacteria in ventilation systems and a super light universal orthopedic immobilizer

Avala TV tower to be completed by August 29

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Serbian Minister of Environment and Spatial Planning Oliver Dulic announced that construction work on the Avala TV tower will be completed by August 29.

League of Vojvodina Hungarians will not vote for rebalance

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The League of Vojvodina Hungarians considers unacceptable the proposal that Vojvodina should get only its seven percent of budget funds after the law on Vojvodina jurisdiction is passed

The delegation of the Ministry of Defense at the Arms Fair in Turkey

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Defense Minister Dragan Sutanovac is leading the delegation of MoD visiting Istanbul and the 9th International Defence Industry Fair - IDEF 09).

Benetton opens megastore in Belgrade

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Benetton has 50 shops in Serbia, of which 30 are in Belgrade.Benetton megastore is situated within Eurosalon facilities.

Petrohemija shuts down on May 1

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The CEO of HIP Petrohemija Slobodan Adzic notified the president of Serbia Boris Tadic and the PM Mirko Cvetkovic that production in the company would shut down on May 1.

Tempo Discount store opens in Krusevac

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Tempo Express has a surface area of 1,400 square meters and offers a range of 2,500 products, of which 50 percent are Delta Maxi products.

Metal sector in Serbia affected seriously

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The Union of employers of Serbia claims that additional problem for the recently privatized companies in the metal sector is in the fact that the administration has enforced in their purchase-selling contracts obligation of servicing outstanding debts and pays to employees from

Serbia marks one year after signing of SAA

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According to the estimates of Brussels, Serbia has made considerable progress over the past year, ever since it signed the Stabilisation and Association Agreement (SAA) with the EU on April 29, 2008.

Govt to decide Thursday on non-participation in PfP exercise

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Two military exercises will be held in Georgia from May 6 to June 2 within the Partnership for Peace program.

Tadic announces amendments to Serbian Constitution

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In an interview with the Belgrade daily Vecernje Novosti, Tadic said laws governing elections and the registration and financing of parties need to be amended together with parts of the Constitution, such as the section defining the number of MPs.

ComTrade Group donated informational health system to the Barajevo Health Center

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"Spinnaker New Technologies", a ComTrade Group member company, has developed and donated a modern IT solution applicable to the current administrative health system. One of the main purposes of this system is guaranteed health protection made possible by the future use


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