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Second round of presidential election regular Dinar down to 113.37 for one euro Analysts expect cohabitation government Croatia's Best Employer Awards held Greece tourism hit by euro crisis Danone sells EUR 118 mln of dairy products in Romania OTP Bank turns to loss in Romania in first quarter Profit of Slovenian Companies at Five-Year Low Gruevski: Macedonia deserves membership invitation, NATO lacking response Greece launched geo-routes project Greece: Crisis has no impact on tourism Business as usual in Greece say British TOs Germans book 30 pct fewer Greek holidays HDZ electing new party leadership BiH: More than 140 direct meetings between local businessmen and foreign investors Bilateral business relations were major topic during first part of Bulgarian President’s visit to US Ex PM Stanishev reelected Bulgarian Socialist leader Rapid formation of new govt may stabilize dinar NBS: Modest capital inflow in first quarter of 2012 Jankovic: New govt by summer for sake of economy Radujko: Regional ties for economic recovery Dacic not interested in prime minister's office Degert: EU is ready for cooperation with Nikolic

The Top 300 Edition

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The PKS President Miloš Bugarin, Vidosava Džagić and representatives from NIS, "Delta Holdinga", Telekom Srbije, "US Steel Srbija", "Philip Morris", "Mercedes", "Putevi Srbije", Petrohemija will present to the public operating

Military and state leadership at the opening of base Jug

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According to the announcements from the Ministry of defense, this base could expanded in the future to another 65 hectares, in order to become a center for the training of peace operations members.

Eighth session of the Serbian-Chinese mixed intergovernmental commission for trade and economic cooperation

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Mladjan Dinkic and Tchu Hung will chair the Eighth session of the Serbian-Chinese mixed intergovernmental commission for trade and economic cooperation

Roundtable “Establishing a national council of the Albanian national minority in Serbia“

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The discussion will be chaired by Livia Plaks, and the topic will be how to secure free and democratic elections of the national councils of national minorities, how to secure a high voter turnout and what kind of assistance from the Serbian government and international organisations

Djelic to speak at Faculty of Political Sciences

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Bozidar Djelic will speak on November 23, at the promotion of the book "Politics of the world" by Dragan Simic, at the Faculty of Political Sciences.

Swine flu to come in waves

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Health Minister Tomica Milosavljević said that the swine flu is expected to calm down gradually and then reappear in Serbia. He said that if the vaccination against the virus in Serbia is received by one-third of the population, it could stop potentially great indirect damage

Dacic to travel to Geneva

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First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of the Interior Ivica Dacic will visit Geneva from November 23 to 25 in order to attend the opening of the Council of the International Organisation for Migration (IOM).

Kosmet confirms second swine flu death

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A 31-year old woman died at the Infective Clinic of the University Medical Centre in the capital of Pristina, the health ministry statement said.

Senior Chinese political advisor to visit Serbia

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Wang Zhizhen left  cHINA on Saturday for good-will visits to Germany, Serbia and Slovak.

Living standards to improve next year

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Serbian Prime Minister Mirko Cvetkovic said last week that in 2010 an improvement in the living standards of Serbian citizens can be expected, as well as growth in production and gross domestic product (GDP) and the continuation of reforms.

Dinkic: in 2009, two billion dollars of foreign investments in Serbia

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Minister of Economy Mladjan Dinkic has stated that some two billion dollars of direct foreign investments in Serbia are expected this year, which is considerably less that expected, as a result of the global financial crisis.

RATEL announced tender for second landline operator

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The state telecommunications agency, RATEL, announced the tender for a second landline operator in Serbia on Nov. 20.

Djelic:"Serbia may join EU in 2014"

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Serbian Deputy Prime Minister Bozidar Djelic on Nov. 22 expressed the belief that Serbia has a good chance of becoming an EU member in 2014.

Verdict in Predrag Djordjevic case

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A panel led by EULEX judges at the District Court of Mitrovica North sentenced a Kosovo Serb to more than to six years in prison

Turkey sends swine flu vaccine to Kosmet

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Turkey has sent 5 thousand doses of H1N1 vaccines, which would be used primarily for children and pregnant women, Kosovo's Health Ministry officials said

"Kosovo" opens embassy in Sofia

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Epoka e Re reports that Kosovo President Fatmir Sejdiu announced for Bulgarian state radio that Pristina is ready to open its embassy in Sofia, adding that he has already decreed the ambassador for this country.

"Kosovo" risks losing presidency over CEFTA

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Business community in Kosovo has raised concerns that if Kosovo doesn’t manage to improve its position within the Central European Free Trade Agreement (CEFTA), it risks losing presidency in 2011.


23. November - 29. November 2009.