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Nationwide H1N1 vaccination begins, ALIMS certifies first shipment of vaccines

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Serbian Health Minister Tomica Milosavljevic received his H1N1 vaccination at the Rakovica health centre, thus marking the beginning of vaccination throughout the country. ALIMS stated that the testing of the Novartis H1N1 vaccine verifies that the vaccine reaches specified standards.

Cvetkovic to attend promotion of reconstructed Hemofarm plant

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Serbian Prime Minister Mirko Cvetkovic will attend the promotion of a newly reconstructed plant for the production of infusion solutions today in Vrsac.

"Europe for Everyone" after 18 years of sanctions

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The 50 people elected under the Europe for Everyone project will travel to the EU to mark the removal of visa restrictions for Serbian citizens after 18 years of sanctions. The chosen citizens will have the opportunity to learn about the customs and traditions of four EU countries,

Government adopts Amnesty Bill

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The Serbian government adopted at its session yesterday the amnesty Bill, which envisages amnesty for persons who, since April 18, 2006, up until the date when this law will come into force, have avoided their military obligations.

Serbia gets improved rating in EBRD Transition Report 2009

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Leading EBRD economist Peter Sanfey said during the presentation of the report at the National Bank of Serbia that Serbia now holds 22nd place among 29 countries in the region from central Europe to central Asia.

Economic Agreement between Kosmet and FYRMacedonia

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Minister of Finance and Economy of the Republic of Kosovo-Metohija, Ahmet Shala, and his counterpart of FYRMacedonia, Fatmir Besimi have signed the first economic agreement between both countries.

Officials of Russian and Serbian Security Councis meet

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The top security officials confirmed their intention to continue regular contacts between Russia's Security Council and Serbia's National Security Council.

Contract on recapitalisation of Komercijalna Banka signed

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Minister of Finance Diana Dragutinovic and representatives from international financial institutions yesterdaysigned a €120 million contract on the recapitalisation of Komercijalna Banka Beograd.

Sreckovic: Agreement on amnesty for conscripts reached

09:00 | broj komentara 0 | Tanjug

Minister for Diaspora Srdjan Sreckovic stated that Serbia's top officials have reached an agreement to practically apply the Law on Amnesty for conscripts so that the young men can spend time with their families during the forthcoming holidays

Corruption in Kosovo-Metohija affecting investments

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A report published by the Foreign Policy Club on Wednesday (December 16th) concludes that corruption is the main reason for declining foreign investments in Kosovo.

Serbian taxi drivers launch strike

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Taxi drivers in Belgrade and 19 other cities and towns kicked off a strike Thursday (December 17th) against a government order to introduce cash registers as of January 2010.

Funding secured for financing 2010 budget deficit

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In an interview with Ekonomist magazine, Cvetkovic stated that in 2009 Serbia achieved significant results in the preservation of the economy and the establishment of political and economic cooperation with the world's major powers, and that it also took huge strides toward the


14. December - 20. December 2009.