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Cooper in Kosovo on Feb. 14 Agreements on cooperation between Serbia, Algeria Serbian president visits Kolubara coal mines

Belgium-Serbia Art Biennial begins

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A series of events, including an exposition called "Serbia the Home of Frescoes" opened "the Belgium Serbia Art Biennial" in the Belgian towns of Verviers and Theux on Feb. 12.

Cooper in Kosovo on Feb. 14

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 Robert Cooper, European Union mediator in the talks between Kosovo and Serbia on technical issues, will be in Pristina on Feb. 14. Maja Kocijancic, the spokesperson of EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Catherine Ashton, confirmed this to Radio

Agreements on cooperation between Serbia, Algeria

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Serbian Minister of Economy and Regional Development Nebojsa Ciric and Algerian Minister of Water Resources Abdelmalek Sellal signed Monday agreements on mutual promotion and protection of investments and on cooperation in the veterinary field.

Serbian president visits Kolubara coal mines

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Serbian President Boris Tadic visited Monday the Kolubara mining basin, where coal for Serbian power plants is mined in difficult conditions due to low temperatures and high snow.

Serbian companies present at Moscow Fair

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PKS President Milos Bugarin will head the Serbian economic delegation comprising companies such as Zdravo Organic-Selenca, Class Comerc- Paracin. ITN-Belgrade, Pionir-Subotica, Aretol-Novi Sad, Venac-Stara Pazova, Master Frigo-Belgrade, Frigo Zika Soko-Ruma, Banini-Kikinda,

Maas: Neither pessimist nor optimist on candidacy

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German Ambassador to Serbia Wolfram Maas stated on Monday that, in order to obtain an EU candidate status in March, Serbia has to meet the conditions clearly defined by the European Council in March, and added that he is neither pessimistic nor optimistic in this respect.

UNMIK: Referendum in northern Kosovo invalid

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UNMIK Spokesperson Olivier Salgado said on Monday that the referendum in northern Kosovo will be held contrary to the existing law, and hence it will have no legal repercussions.

Serbia EPS lignite coal mines development projects status brief

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In Electric Power Industry of Serbia coal in currently produced within two basins, i.e. on 5 open cast mines (Field B, Field D, Tamnava – West Field and Veliki Crljeni – Kolubara Mining Basin and Drmno – Kostolac Mining Basin), while another two open cast mines

EPS planning to stop with import of electricity by 2015

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Electric power of Serbia (EPS) is planning to stop to import of electricity by 2015 due to increasing investments in production and efficiency, said EPS CEO Dragomir Markovic

Serbia needs comprehensive tax reform

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Member of the Fiscal Council Vladimir Vuckovic has said that Serbia needs a comprehensive tax reform which should not be reduced just to raising the value added tax (VAT).

Deniau: Referendum will not affect EU candidacy

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 French Ambassador in Serbia Francois Xavier Deniau stated that France strongly supports EU candidate status for Serbia, and added that the referendum in northern Kosovo should not affect the decision of the European Council.

Drews warns against risks of unrests in Kosovo

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KFOR Commander General Erhard Drews from Germany warned that certain conflicts in Kosovo could arise in case Albanian nationalists should feel provoked by the referendum northern Kosovo Serbs announced, and added that any potential incidents should prevented.

Over 130,000 kg of meat gets withdrawn from sale

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Over 130,000 kilos of raw and processed meat was withdrawn from circulation in markets and safely destroyed in Serbia last year, together with nearly 6,000 kilos of meat seized in illegal trade, Chief of the Veterinary Inspection of Serbia Sanja Celebicanin has told Tanjug.

Jeremic: Serbia enjoys worldwide respect

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 Serbian Foreign Minister Vuk Jeremic stated in Nis late on Saturday that there Serbia enjoys worldwide respect although some countries are openly working against its foreign policy priorities and do not like what the country is doing.

Promotion of scholarship programme for Presevo, Bujanovac students

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The Coordinating Body for Presevo, Bujanovac and Medvedja will present its scholarship programme for the students from Presevo and Bujanovac who study at Novi Sad University.

Serbia, Algeria enhance economic cooperation

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 Minister of Economy and Regional Development Nebojsa Ciric today voiced his expectation that a result of the Serbian delegation’s two-day visit to Algeria will be further access of Serbian companies to the Algerian market.

Dacic on working visit to Australia

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During the visit, Dacic and Commissioner of the Australian Federal Police Tony Negus will sign a Memorandum of Understanding between the Serbian Ministry of the Interior and the Australian Federal Police on combating transnational crime and developing police cooperation.

Search for avalanche survivors goes on

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Rescue teams continued the search for three more persons thought to be trapped under the avalanche which hit the houses in the village of Restelica in the municipality of Dragas in Kosovo-Metohija.

Maric: 51 tons of food delivered to households

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Municipal emergency situation staffs which requested food assistance received 51 tons of food products, which should be delivered to all vulnerable households by helicopters, snowmobiles, SUVs and if need be, even on foot, Tanjug learnt from Head of the Serbian Interior Ministry's

Cold snap claims 20 lives in Serbia

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Assistant Minister of the Interior and Head of the Sector for Emergency Situations Predrag Maric stated that municipal emergency response teams who had demanded help in food last night received 51 tonnes of foodstuffs which will be delivered to all endangered homesteads today

Serbian delegation to visit Algeria

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Serbian Minister of Economy and Regional Development Nebojsa Ciric will be staying in an official visit to Algeria on February 12 and 13, where they would attend the 19th session of the Mixed Committee for Economic and Scientific-Technical Cooperation between Serbia and Algeria.

Electricity from transit for Serbia's needs

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 The Serbian government issued an instruction for Elektromreza Srbije public enterprise to put all net inter-state transfer capacities flowing in Serbia's direction at the disposal of public enterprise Electric Power Industry of Serbia as of midnight of February 29.

7 reported dead in Kosovo avalanche

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At least seven people died and three others were missing after an avalanche hit the village of Restelica in southern Kosovo on Saturday, local authorities said, MSNBC reported.

The end of the Zemun clan

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The arrest of Luka Bojovic has ended the existence of the organized criminal group, known as the "Zemun clan", which more than a decade, "ruled" the Belgrade underground and sow death, assassinated Serbian Prime Minister Zoran Djindjic in 2003, carried out

Fresh snowfall impedes road-cleaning and traffic

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The death-toll of snowstorms in Serbia has reached 19 human lives, 200 people were evacuated from critical spots, while traffic has slowed down in the entire territory of Serbia due to fresh snow which has been falling since early morning, and only the authorities are performing

"112" system to be in use as of next year

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First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of the Interior Ivica Dacic said today that the introduction of the telephone number for emergencies "112" is important from the point of quicker and more efficient help to people in extraordinary circumstances.

Government sends RSD 10m worth foodstuff to snow-stricken municipalities

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 The government adopted a Conclusion on the grant in food worth RSD 10 million to vulnerable population in municipalities affected by natural disasters caused by heavy snow.

Serbia’s economic delegation on two-day visit to Algeria

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Minister of Economy and Regional Development Nebojsa Ciric, followed by a Serbian delegation, will make an official visit to Algeria on 12 and 13 February to attend the 19th Mixed commission for economic and scientific and technical cooperation between Serbia and Algeria.

Cold snap death toll rises to 16

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The cold snap that has gripped Serbia has pushed the death toll to 16, Head of the Serbian Ministry of the Interior's Sector for Emergency Management Predrag Maric told Tanjug on Friday.

Sreckovic, Cekovic expelled from SPO

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Serbian Renewal Movement (SPO) Presidency on Friday expelled Diaspora Minister Srdjan Sreckovic and State Secretary Sanja Cekovic from the party, SPO has released.


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