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Horgos-Pozega Contract Signing

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Capital Investments Minister Velimir Ilic will on Friday sign the concession contract with the Spanish-Austrian consortium FCC – Alpina Mayreder, which won the tender to finalize, use and maintain the Horgos-Pozega highway, running from the north to the c

EPS Invests EUR 3.2bn in Development

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Serbia’s public power corporation (Elektroprivreda Srbije, EPS) plans to, by 2010, invest EUR 3.2bn in building new and reconstructing its existing capacities, EPS directorate assistant director Slobodan Mitrovic said.

Vojvodjanska Bank Stock Makes Threefold Gains

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The price of Vojvodjanska Bank shares went up 290 percent in the first day of trading and now stands at EUR 876 per share. Some seven shares were traded in, while demand exceeded offer eight times.

Putnik Shares Exceed Cypriot Offer

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The price of Putnik’s shares traded in the Belgrade Stock Exchange (BSE) has reached EUR 50, some EUR 5 over the Cyprus-based Acciona Investment Limited offer per share.

US$ 4.5bn Invested in Serbia

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The Serbia Investment and Export Promotion Agency (SIEPA) director Jasna Matic says direct foreign investment in Serbia in 2006 reached almost US$ 4.5bn, mostly from privatization funds, but also in part from Greenfield investments.

Investments in Romania Reach EUR 9bn

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Foreign investments in Romania have in 2006 amounted to EUR 9.1bn, 75 percent more than the year before.

Russian Tourists Interested in Serbia

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Russian tourists have shown great interest in vacationing in Serbia, according to the Tourist Organization of Serbia (TOS).

Kuwaitis Arrive in Serbian Spas

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Serbia-based Kw.Yu.Ser.Co. company has signed a contract with the Kuwaiti Al-Sayfe, to bring the Kuwaiti tourists to rehabilitation and spa centers in the country, the Tourist Organization of Serbia (TOS) said in a statement.

Clinched Export Deal Worth EUR 50,000

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The ten Serbian companies that took part in the Düsseldorf international fair of wine and spirits Pro Wine, held from March 18 to March 20, made several export deals worth approximately EUR 50,000.

Federal MUP Building Sold

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Private Project Management (PPM) and the Serbian Property Directorate have signed the contract on sale of the former federal MUP building in downtown Belgrade, demolished in the 1999 NATO bombing, for EUR 34.5mn.

DIN 2006 Profit at EUR 58.7mn

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The Tobacco Industry of Nis (DIN) has reported net profit of EUR 58.7mn for 2006, while its “Marlboro” brand sales went up 31 percent compared to 2005, the company, operating as part of Philip Morris, said in a statement.

Vojvodina, Sicily Announce Cooperation

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The northern Serbian province of Vojvidina’s Assembly and Executive Council representatives have agreed on cooperation with Sicilian counterparts in the sectors of tourism, arts and culture.

Bridgestone Pneumatics Sales Up

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Bridgestone is currently selling 25,000 pneumatics in the Serbian and Montenegrin markets, the company’s country manager for Serbia Goran Kocovski said, adding the sales of truck and passenger vehicle tires were at equal levels.

Volvo Changes Strategy

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Volvo hopes to change its brand by the end of April, when a marketing agency to handle the lucrative deal is expected to be selected, Business Weekly reports.

Stark Invests EUR 4mn in Production Facilities

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Serbia’s confectionery company Soko Stark will this year invest EUR 4mn in acquisition of new technology for its production lines.

Alitalia Posts 2006 Losses

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Alitalia’s last year’s gross losses amounted to EUR 405mn, EUR 257mn more than those from the previous period.

Optical Chip

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IMB’s experts presented an Anaheim, California, conference dedicated to optical fiber chips with a prototype that uses optical connection to speed up data transfer eight times compared to previous technologies.

Vojvodjanska Bank Lists in Stock Exchange

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Vojvodjanska Bank shares will be traded at the Belgrade Stock Exchange (BSE) for the first time on Tuesday, with the starting per share price at EUR 203.

Nokia and Siemens in Joint Venture

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After several months of delays in the overcrowded telecommunications market, Nokia Siemens Networks started operations this week.

Belgrade Beltway by 2011

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The construction of the Belgrade beltway will take until 2011, and will cost EUR 370mn.

Montenegro Changes Country Code

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Montenegro is as of Tuesday using a new international country code in fixed telephony traffic.

Croatia Should Lower Customs Duty

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“Croatia’s customs duty on cigarettes originating from the EU is lower than that applied to the CEFTA countries, Serbian International Economic Relations Minister Milan Parivodic told journalists.

NIS Invests EUR 180mn in Environment and Refineries

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Serbian oil monopoly NIS plans to this year invest EUR 180mn in reconstruction of its refineries, environmental protection and expansion of its retail network, NIS Petrol deputy executive director Dragan Vucar said.

Intesa Sanpaolo to Buy Panonska Bank Stock

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The Italian Intesa Sanpaolo has announced its takeover bid for the remaining 12.61 percent of Novi Sad’s Panonska Bank stock, priced at EUR 178 per share.

Cypriot Aciona Offers EUR 28.3mn for Putnik Shares

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The representatives of the Cypriot company Aciona said the Serbian Ministry of Economy has given a positive response to their takeover bid for the tourist society Putnik, stressing their “serious intentions to acquire the company” for EUR 23mn.

LOHR Opens Plant in Backa Topola

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The French LOHR, a privately-owned group and world specialist in the design and manufacture of transportation systems for vehicles, will open its plant in the northern Serbian town of Backa Topola.

Greeks Invest EUR 6mn

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EKO YU and the Greek restaurant chain Olympic Plaza look set to invest some EUR 6mn in three joint ventures in Serbia in 2007.

Agriculture Policy Info Center Opens

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The EU info center for gathering data on common agricultural policy, law and procedures on the road to the EU integration processes has opened at the Serbian Ministry of Agriculture.

Americans After ABN Amro?

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Rumors are rife that Citigroup and its beleaguered CEO Charles Prince could enter a bid to acquire the Dutch banking giant ABM Amro, after the group recently announced it was involved in exclusive talks with the British Barclays Bank.

Old Loser’s New Adventure

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Although barely 6 months passed since the Amarant hedge fund’s ignominious record crash, its energy dealer Brian Hunter is preparing to launch a new fund.


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